by Sabri Lushi

Not for the wrong reason, many of us would imagine a dictator to be someone like Stalin, who used to persecute, kill, imprison, and force into exile anyone who was deemed by the regime to be an obstacle to the political agendas.

The problem with dictators, especially those who have ruled in the name of the British Monarchy, such as Stalin, Hitler, Mao Zedong, Mustafa Kamal, Enver Hoxha and the likes, is their political goals. Dictators are not there to serve humanity and to build a society; rather, their purpose is to make people serve an agenda, and whoever goes against it, they will face consequences. For dictators, people are merely numbers. To them, individuals have no value, sometimes less than animals.

In my view, the reason why dictators in Muslim countries or in countries where there have been Muslim minorities and other religious and traditional groups have demonstrated a high level of barbarism than their counterparts in the West has to do with the structure of their societies.

In countries where there are religious people, who stick to religious and ideological principles, there is no other way for the British appointed dictators to push ahead their controlling agendas except through severe punishments, massive imprisonment and no toleration for any scholar.

By the same token, the United Kingdom, France, the USA, Germany, Spain and many other European countries have gone through barbaric dictatorships in the past, massive executions, imprisonment, death by burning – such as in England, exile and persecutions. The French Revolution is the symbol of barbarism in this regard. More than thirty thousand Catholic priests were forced into exile.

Therefore, Secularism is no different in the West. It kills. It persecutes. It imprisons. It tolerates no one. It forces into exile. It cleanses the society from anyone who might pose an ideological resistance. Secularism has the same objectives everywhere regardless of its need to kill or not. It is one of the most devilish ideologies the world has ever seen. The objective of the British Secularism is to control and only to control. It is the exact opposite of freedom and liberty.

The reason why we don’t see a manifestation of a typical dictatorship in western countries such as the USA, Canada, the UK, France, for instance, is that they are now in a post-dictatorship period. Societies have already been cleansed. There is no need to demonstrate a Middle-Eastern-type of dictatorship because the western societies can no longer show ideological resistance. The western societies are made up of individuals, who cannot form any real ideological cohesion. There is no need in Canada, the USA or the UK for the police to patrol the streets and arrest brutally. People here are oppressed at an early age. The whole society has been shaped to serve the purposes of dictatorship: massive espionage, individualism, propaganda, and financial and political control.

Sabri Lushi

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