by Sabri Lushi

On July 4, 1776, the world witnessed the birth of a new political system known as republic, and the beginning of a new historical period, which, among many names and descriptions, it is not wrong to call it “the civilization of lies and deception.”

Indeed, republic is a lie. From the way it is organized politically, the approach to political responsibility, the political mechanisms it uses to deceive the public, to the very purpose of its existence, everything is a lie.

Nevertheless, the biggest lie of republic is that it has two major sides. The first one is the formal face and the way it is presented to the public: political parties, constitution, the division of power, the principle of checks and balances, the independence of judicial system, the limited power of the president, and, more importantly, elections.

Apparently, republic seems amazing.

We all want a government which acts responsibly, which is just and fair, which distributes the natural resources among people fairly and equitably, with courts of law which treat people justly, with laws that cannot be abused by judges or used by politics, with a judicial system which is transparent, with a government that does not control the media and all businesses, with the military that is not used to kill women, children and innocent people.

Yes, people always look for prosperity, well-being, justice, dignity, fairness, and peace, but surprisingly republic mentions none of these as part of its political objectives.

The other side of republic is how things in reality are done. While its formal or theoretical side is full of slogans and propaganda, which most of them don’t even make sense, in reality republic is a mafia state.

As soon as the political theater is over, the real politics starts behind the scenes, where there no principles of checks and balances, judicial independence, laws, procedures, responsibility, morality, political parties, elections, rule of law, or a fair chance for all to succeed. There is an unimaginable difference between what we see and what in reality happens.

Republic is a mafia state. It is a monster. It is a lie and full of lies and deception. It is based on secrecy, secret political operations, and secret political recruitments. Formality is just an image whereas the political mafia of the republic is the one which recruits people secretly and runs the show behind the scenes.

Republic is actually another name of the political mafia of the British Empire. The formation of the US Republic did not bring an end to the British Empire and its monarchy. On the contrary, July 4, 1776 marks actually the true beginning of the British Empire.

Without a monarch or an empire, republic cannot exist. Thus, the US Republic is no more than mafia of the British Monarchy and the monstrous army of the British Empire. Were we to remove the British king from the scene, the US Republic would fall instantly.

Sabri Lushi

January 2024


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