by Sabri Lushi

The most intrinsic component of an empire is its army. Empires revolve around military and armies. They cannot exist without armies. In fact, regardless of other aspects, such as culture, ideology, education, and the mystique, which shape the façade and determine the destiny of an empire, the focus on its army by far is essential.

In my view, no other book captures the meaning of the word ‘army,’ or ‘junuud’ in Arabic, better than the Qur’an itself. It is used several times by it. Understanding the word army is a prerequisite to the understanding of the essence of an empire.

Junuud in Arabic refers to those, people or not, who assist and help, not simply militarily. For this reason, quite often the Qur’an uses this word in a negative sense – to those people who assist a wrongdoer, yet they are going to be held accountable for that. The Qur’an speaks about the army of Pharoah – the most terrible tyrant ever existed, for example, as well as it speaks about the army of Iblis – the greatest evil and the sworn enemy of humanity.

The army is the group of people who assist an empire or a political power without questioning its morality. Soldiers are trained to obey blindly, but, contrary to what they think, they will be held accountable because they are humans according to Islam. They have free will and consciousness, so being a soldier does not absolve one from accountability.

The army of the Evil Empire consists of:

First, all the soldiers around the world, who are under the command of the Empire, which controls the globe. NATO, the Russian Army and the People’s Liberation Army of China make up the bulk of the British Evil Empire.

Second, all professors, journalists, authors, YouTube influencers, artists, and thinkers around the world, who promote and defend the British Secularism, who have no moral values. This category of the British Empire’s army is the most dangerous one because they brainwash people.

Third, all the spies, agents, stooges, terrorists, criminals, mass shooters, judges, lawyers, prosecutors, and even religious agents.

The army of the British Empire is the biggest army the world has ever seen. That’s why it poses a real threat to the very existence of humanity, especially given the fact that the Evil Empire observes no principles of morality. The British Empire is immoral and despotic, and so is its army.

Under the British Evil Empire, freedom does not exist. Each and every single individual should serve the empire, either in the military or as a spy.

Unfortunately, the Devil or what is known in the Qur’an as Satan has never had a better ally than the British Evil Empire; therefore, wise and smart people should be very caution. This army is dangerous. It kills, divides and conquers, and it is behind every single conflict, at a macro or at an individual level.

Sabri Lushi

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