by Sabri Lushi

The American journalist, the CIA agent, and the host of “the Ben Shapiro Show,” Ben Shapiro, very enthusiastically about what’s taking place in Palestine, addressed the American public opinion by suggesting that the Israeli Government, i.e., the American military base in Palestine, “should kill as many son of the b*tches as possible,” meaning, innocent Palestinian children, in order to secure Israel.

I am not surprised at all by this kind of hate and the hate of the likes of this CIA agents. The CIA is a terrorist organization and definitely nothing else can be expected by its terrorist agents, who kill and murder people around the world, who spout lies on the media to misinform the public, who try to mold the public opinion with their vicious and immoral lies.

I will not condemn Ben Shapiro – this CIA spy of the media, on the basis that he is a Jew. He is not a Jew. I will condemn him for what he represents. He represents American. He represents the CIA. He represents the British Secularism. He represents the world of lies. He represents barbarism. He represents immorality and hypocrisy. This immoral spy wants to hide behind Jewish garments in order to appeal to the public opinion so to beg for sympathy, but he is not a Jew and he does not represent Judaism. He represents the CIA and its immorality.

He is a father himself, or at least he claims to be so, yet he is suggesting that the Israeli army, which is paid by the taxes of the hardworking American people, should kill Palestinian children who are native to the land, born in that land, who speak the language of the land, and who love their own land. In fact, killing Palestinian children, according to this American spy, is not enough. They also should be called sons of b*tches. Why? Because they are used as military shield by Hamas – which has been founded by the CIA, too.

Little kids, who barely understand anything from the world, should be killed, according to this CIA spy, for protecting Hamas. Ben Shapiro is not stupid even though he might look so when saying this, but this is what CIA spies are supposed to say on the media. They are supposed to repeat lies until the public believes them.

I want to thank Ben Shapiro publicly for exposing the true face and the real moral principles of the CIA. Ben Shapiro showed us once again that the CIA is a terrorist organization, which lacks any moral values, and that its main purpose is to kill innocent babies, as the American soldiers are doing in Israel these days.

Ben Shapiro also showed us that Israel is not a country, but an American military base. It is not the home of Jews, but a strategic investment of the US Government in order to use it on its war against Islam.

Ben Shapiro is the true face of the terrorist organization of the CIA. It is this organization which has trained and educated Ben Shapiro and his likes, who, if not killing babies themselves, they highly recommend it.


Sabri Lushi

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