by Sabri Lushi

Apart from crying and weeping, wailing and grieving, protesting and expressing anger, which have some benefit, no less, I think Muslims are not learning some real lessons from the Gaza genocide and the murdering of children and women. At the very least, we must learn some very important lessons from this horrible genocide which is perpetrated against the innocent Muslims.

We must learn the truth that Muslims are living under the British and American occupation regardless of its demonstration, which varies from region to region. As a result, the Muslim Ummah is the most attacked one around the world; Muslims are the ones who are being killed, murdered, their houses are being demolished and ruined by the enemy; they are the ones who are being vilified and persecuted politically.

We must learn that America and the UK attack only Muslims as they consider us the arch enemy. The reality speaks for itself.

We must learn that Israel is not a Jewish country; rather, it is a US and British military base. Make no mistake, the IDF is not fighting a just and defensive war. The well paid mercenaries of IDF are killing Muslim children and women in Gaza in the name of the British Monarchy and the US Government.

The fact that Benjamin Netanyahu quotes one of the most controversial passages of the Old Testament, “Now go and attack Amalek and utterly destroy all that they have; do not spare them, but kill both man and woman, child and infant, ox and sheep, camel and donkey,” [1 Samuel 15] shows that the Israeli Prime Minister does not really believe in Bible. He’s not a Jew. Probably he has never read the Bible. He’s doing so only to piss Muslims off. He’s using the Bible to cover up his real bosses: the US Government and the UK.

Benjamin Netanyahu is not a Jew. In Gaza, there is no war between Muslims and Jews, but a war of the US Government and the UK against Muslims. This American spy and British agent is actually mocking the Bible. He wants to absolve the US Government, the UK and the British Secularism from crimes and responsibility by trying to blame actually the Bible.

We must also learn that our Muslim Ummah is totally divided and broken. We are ruled by spies and agents of the British Monarchy and the US Government. We don’t have leaders. Their pathetic role is purely administrative. They enjoy no power at all expect propaganda, deception and lies.

We must learn that our Ummah is infested with millions of CIA spies, agents, hypocrites, and interior enemies, which are harming us more than the bullets of the enemy.

In the end, we must learn that our true and only arch enemy is the US Government and the UK – not necessarily their people. They are trying to kill us and wipe our religion out. We must be united against our vicious and devilish enemy. Israel is not a country. It is a fake and artificial political settlement, which serves as a military base for our arch enemy.

Sabri Lushi

Nov 2023


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