by Sabri Lushi

I’ve come to realize that under the modern state, as designed by the British Empire, in essence there in no difference between the private sector of the economy, public or governmental one. The division is done purely for propaganda and perception reasons, not as a genuine measure to give power to people.

At best, company or business owners have some administrative power, but that’s it. They don’t have independent money. They are under the full control of the government – directly or indirectly, legally or secretly.

All hiring departments or hiring managers, in my view, are controlled by secret agencies of the state, not for some security reasons, but for a political agenda. This is to say that things are done behind the scenes in a way that we cannot imagine. We study, go to university, get trained, make applications, write resumes, send hundreds of emails, perfect the art of wring cover letters, use the best and most formal language and the best capturing phrases thinking that these make a difference, thinking that the hire manager somehow will be amazed by reading our cover letters of job qualifications while in reality everything is different behind the scenes. There are other secret criteria used by the state to deal with all of these.

In truth, none of these matters. The system is broken in a way that we cannot image. The system is corrupt, immoral, and absolutely evil.

During the communist regime in Albania, we lived under a planned-economy system. Officially, the state had the responsibility and the power to decide and plan about the economy, production, what products had to be manufactured, the services that people needed, who was going to work and what kind of job, who was going to university and what kind of career one was about to start. Everything was planned strictly by the state. The individual preferences did not matter.

Once a child was born, which, by the way, was somehow part of some governmental plan, the government would plan everything for that child: the healthcare, daycare, school, university, work, career etc.

The planned economy system might seem oppressive at first, as if people had no choice, but at least it was a genuine and honest system. People knew what to expect.

The capitalist system, which more or less is applied worldwide, which is applied in Canada, too, is not merely identical with the planned economy, but actually more planned and more oppressive and more secret. It is a total masquerade and a mockery of freedom. It is a facade.

In real, terms, there is no difference between the communist planned economy system applied in Albania, for example, and the Canadian economic system applied now, except that the second is more corrupt. Things are much, much more planned and controlled behind the scenes than most of the people might even start to think.

I would have never imaged that one day I will get to know this horrible truth: that the West is a total lie and a complete deception. Unimaginable!


Sabri Lushi

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