by Sabri Lushi

While the world is watching the killing of children in Gaza by the indiscriminate Israeli bombing – a horrible genocide and ethnic cleansing taking place before our eyes, many Jews, including rabbis, journalists and staunch supporters of Israeli military regime are trying to convince the public opinion that no matter how many children are murdered or buried alive under the massive rubble of wiped out buildings, hospitals and entire neighborhoods and cities, this is unavoidable war activity.

In order to justify morally the killing and murder of innocent children, they are trying to find examples from the modern history and draw an analogy. “Churchill did it in Dresden, Germany, where American and British Air Force attacked the city in 1945 and murdered and killed over 25,000 people, including children and civilians,” they are saying.

To make their argument more convincing and compelling, they are emphasizing the fact that, “Churchill is the greatest politician of the 20th century and the most important one in the modern times,” as if Winston Churchill – the prime minister of a colonial power, is undisputedly the epitome of fairness and morality.

Surprisingly, the Israeli Jews and some rabbis are not referring to some better examples of war, but they consider Winston Churchill – this secularist and pagan, as the moral standard and as their admired leader.

This shows once again that Israel is not a Jewish state, built upon Jewish moral principles, but it is a state that has been formed by the British Empire and the likes of Churchill in order to serve a political purpose.

This shows that there is actually a connection between what Churchill did in Dresden in 1945, when WWII was de facto over, and what the Israeli Government is doing in Gaza. This shows that those who controlled the British Air Force are controlling precisely today the IDF, and that is, the British Monarchy. IDF and British Air Force are under the same command.

Winston Churchill could have been a successful prime minister, a very devoted servant of the British Monarchy, a murderer, a shrewd politician, a pagan, a colonialist who benefited the British Empire, but by no means was he a moral example of politics and wars.

Churchill was a genocidal politician. He was a terrorist. He was a war criminal and a pagan. At the same time, WWII is one of the most immoral, unclear, full of secret agendas, and controversial wars of human history, yet the staunch and sick supporters of the Israeli genocide in Gaza are trying to justify these unjustifiable horrors with absolutely some shameful examples.

In short and to all immoral British and American mercenaries who are murdering babies in Gaza: murdering children is wrong, genocidal, and devilish. Only pagans, Godless, and dark-minded people can look for examples in human history to justify the killing of children.

Shame on you, terrorists!

Sabri Lushi

November 2023


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