by Sabri Lushi

Apart from bloody wars, political backstabbing, betrayal, assassinations, horrible enslavement of the free African people and their exploitation in North America, divide and conquer strategies in order to control nations politically, the control of the media, the educational system, and the academia, the British Empire has consolidated its despotic and dictatorial power in a global scale by controlling the economy.

The economic control has been a unique feature of this bloody empire. Much of its political and military resources have been allocated to the mission of the economic control of nations. Much of its scientific discoveries and academic work has been dedicated to the control of the world’s capital.

It is not a coincidence that all the political theories originate from London or the Great Britain. We live under an economic system which has been invented and founded by Karl Marx, Adam Smith, David Ricardo, Thomas Robert Malthus, John Stuart Mill etc. “The Wealth of Nations” of Adam Smith points out exactly the political ambition of the British Empire to control the world’s economy.

Not only from a theoretical, moral, academic and philosophical point of view, but also from a practical aspect, the British Empire has been very successful at spreading its enormous control – through communism, big corporations, confiscation of land, elimination of the old elite, confiscation of gold, invention of fiat money and giving the government all the power to print money as much as it wishes, as well as through a highly complicated and deceptive legal system imposed on the world.

Currently, the British political power controls all the world’s capital. To make it clear, it is not the rich, the corporations, the CEOs, the banks, them, they, the deep state – all abstract entities that we hear on the media, but the British Empire and its global political system.

If you want to start a business today, if you want to start a farm, if you want to sell products on the street, if you want to invent a machine in order to use it for agricultural or industrial purposes, if you want to build a family hydropower plant, if you want to build a house or a building for business purposes, we will not have problems with banks, nor will we be confronted by the CEOs, the rich, they, them or whatever – because we have nothing to do with them; our problem will be with the police officers, with the prosecution service and judges who apply corrupt and oppressive laws, laws that have been passed by corrupt and dictatorial parliaments, parliaments and governments that have been put in place not by the people, but by the British Empire and the British Monarchy.

Our biggest enemy today is: laws written and conceptualized by the British politicians in a way that serve the British power and the British Monarchy, and the economic system that has been founded by the British Monarchy’s agents, which is oppressing us.


Sabri Lushi

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