by Sabri Lushi

We must agree on the fact that the world is experiencing a unique and uncommon time. The lives of millions of people are in a predicament. Politics is more confusing and irresponsible than ever. Wars have been turned into a common employment of people. The global economy is centralized and deceptive. There is much political confusion, distraction, and uncertainty, and what makes things even worse is that we are not able to point the finger at who is responsible and whom to hold accountable. There is too much anonymity.

In my view, in order to understand politics and political problems that we face, which affect our lives, jobs, families, properties, and our future, we have to look for the simplest and most convincing explanation, by applying a purely scientific method.

In this regard, we have to agree on the most basic terms regarding politics and power. If we don’t agree, at least we need to ponder on them. The most undisputed and basic fact about politics is that it always belongs to one individual. Whenever we speak of politics and power, we are talking about authority, decision making, responsibility, trust, and pledge, which require one and only one person in charge. This is axiomatic, logical, natural and evident in every aspect of our life.

For the first time in human history, this logic of politics was broken with the advent of the republic of the USA, which is the first prototype of such a political entity in human history. Therefore, I believe that our understanding about modern politics and political problems will be deficient if we don’t understand the US Republic and its abnormality.

For the first time in human history, the US Republic was founded on abstract institutions: the people, the constitution, the president, the congress, and the judiciary, but no individual in charge.

For the first time in human history, a political entity emerged to challenge an empire, but it didn’t give rise to a new power; instead, it became the closest ally of that empire. We didn’t see a new kingdom, a new empire, new laws and different politics.

The Republic of USA turned out to be a clown state. It was no more than an undercover British entity or a dangerous political franchise of the British Monarchy.

The Republic of the USA became the foundation of political anonymity and franchise. It became the model of a political form that is perfect to avoid responsibility and blame taking and authority. It became the most dangerous and the most corrupt form of governance. It lacks identity and responsibility. It acts as anonymous, yet it is all the time controlled by the British Monarchy. Independence was merely a process of the British Monarchy to go incognito.

Then, this dangerous British political entity was replicated throughout the world by the British Monarchy. Republic is a modern invention of the British Empire to allow the British Monarchy go incognito.

Sabri Lushi

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