by Sabri Lushi

When people say that the British Empire has come to an end and that colonialism and British dominance are over, there is some truth in the likes of such statements. Even though officially the British Empire has not fallen, people think that it is over. Some consider WWII the beginning of the decline of the empire. Others mention that the Suez Crisis marked an even more serious decline of the empire. The most ridiculous one is July 1, 1997, when Hong Kong was transferred to China, which is considered officially the end of the British Empire.

As it is clear, there has been no end of the Empire yet. WWII was not lost by the British Empire, not even to mention the fact that it was a war of its own making. The Suez Crisis, too, was no more than a show. Supposedly, the Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser had nationalized the canal; therefore, the Great Britain lost its control over it. The question is: who was Gamal Abdel Nasser? Was he not a British puppet to begin with? Egypt after all was under the total control of the British Monarchy after it deposed King Farouk on July 26, 1952. The Suez Crisis, if we may call it so, had only one purpose: to make Egypt appear as an independent country, given its role in the Arab world. That crisis had nothing to do with the power of the British Empire. Gamal Abdel Nasser was no more than a British spy and agent.

In addition, the transformation of Hong Kong to People’s Republic of China was not the result of a war between the British Empire and the Chinese people. Who are they kidding when they say that this marked the end of the British Empire? It is not Hong Kong which was transferred to China; rather, it marked the total subjugation of the Chinese people by the British Empire. China is the last biggest communist country in the world, and communism is a British Empire’s ideology of ruling. Communism was not invented in China or Russia; it was a British political ideology, which is no different from the western democracy except in some trivial details. Both democracy and communism are British political inventions.

Another argument that is brought up frequently to defend the position that the British Empire no longer exists officially, is the idea of independent states, the formation of the UN, and no British imperial flag flying over governmental buildings.

It is true that there is no British flag in Beijing, Moscow, Berlin, Rome, Washington DC, Mexico City, Buenos Aires etc. Nevertheless, this is not evidence that the British Empire has fallen.

The truth of the matter is the modern independent states have been formed by the British Empire, as well as laws, the legal system, flags, the political ideologies, the control of banks and monetary system, the educational system, and the military have been imposed or controlled by the British Empire.

Therefore, it does not need to have a flag anymore, nor does it need to keep the official title ’empire.’

Sabri Lushi

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