by Sabri Lushi

As a divine and universal religion, Islam has not been reluctant to give its view on political power, how to approach it, and above all, how to impede and counter political tyranny. In fact, not only has Islam addressed tyranny and dictatorship, but actually it offers the best recipe or political mechanisms to restrain and oppose it. In this regard, Islam’s perspective and the way Secularism deals with power and tyranny are diametrically opposite.

Islam is a realistic religion. It takes into consideration the real nature of things. Different from Secularism, it is not a utopian or theatrical ideology. Therefore, Islam offers genuine solutions. It deals with humans and social phenomena, including political power, the same way it deals with nature and natural phenomena.

For example, we all know that gravity is a natural force, which exists universally and consistently. We accept it because it is only sane to do so. As a result, we deal with nature by taking it into consideration. We never try to ignore it; rather, we act accordingly because gravity is there for a purpose.

Likewise, Islam teaches us that nature cannot be changed even when it comes to social phenomena – humans are part of it, no doubt. For instance, sexual attraction and the desire for power are part of our nature, so we should learn how to deal with it. Their existence has a purpose.

According to Islam, when men see women, it is absolutely natural to be attracted sexually. It is a natural power. So, we should not change it, as it has a purpose, but the society should deal accordingly. Therefore, Islam proposes that women should cover themselves, they should avoid their exposure to men as much as possible, and follow certain guidelines which take into consideration the power of sexual attraction.

Political power falls into the same category. The nature of political power is to control, oppress, and have access to every individual. It is not to be blamed for that. It is part of its nature, whether it is held by Muslims or Secularists.

Accordingly, Islam proposes certain mechanisms how to deal with this power, whose very nature is to control and oppress. If the subjects follow Islam’s guidelines, such as not lying, not betraying, not deceiving, not stealing, not gossiping, not spying, not obeying any law or order which contradicts God’s commandments, not drinking alcohol, avoiding interest, not breaking the law, not breaking the promise or violating agreements, and again, giving priority to Allah’s commands and rules over anyone else, if people follow all of these guidelines, in fact no tyranny will survive and no dictatorship will last.

On the other hand, Secularism proposes exactly the opposite. It teaches us to ignore the nature of things. In short, it denies nature. It promotes a completely theatrical and imaginary view about the world; therefore, it offers the best fertile soil for tyranny and dictatorship.

Sabri Lushi

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