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The American laws today are communist laws

by Sabri Lushi

The problem with Secularism today is that it lacks opposition. It controls virtually the entire world, politically and economically. Secularists make the top decisions. They decide for us. They make plans about wars and who is going to be killed – it goes without saying that Muslims are the easiest prey, no doubt. Because of the lack of opposition, we’ve started to see the true communist colors of America and how merciless it is.

The American laws today are communist laws. Its politics is the politics of lies, oppression, imposing on an entire population the ideas of a few criminals and godless individuals, and treating people as political slaves.

The world needs an opposition: to oppose not only the communist America, but the British Secularism, which is blatantly failing; rather, it is becoming extremely dangerous.

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely,” says Lord Acton. Currently, Secularism holds absolute power that’s why it is absolutely corrupt.

Secularism needs a serious opposition and that can be offered by none other than Muslims. Russia, China or any other so called global power are not an opposition to the British Secularism; they are its biggest supporters – two sides of the same coin. Therefore, the only way to put a limit to the tyranny of the British Secularism, which is totally corrupt, is by having an opposition, which only Islam and Muslims can potentially offer.

Sabri Lushi

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