by Sabri Lushi

All US presidential candidates, republican or democrat, in order to win the hearts of the American people, they have to promise or speak of big changes. “The change has come to the United States of America,” was part of the famous election win speech of Barack Obama. “Make America great again,” was the change that Trump promised, and he won the election.

I agree that America requires big changes. That’s exactly what people want. They can see, feel and sense that things are not going the right direction, that’s why they want to see changes. However, the real question is, what kind of changes does America need today?

I believe that the American people do not need to refurbish the Oval Office, nor do they need to change the skin color of the US president. The problems in America are not some cracks here and there, or some governmental agencies going rusty. The problem in America is not whether the president can deliver a beautiful speech or not, or whether he will be able to negotiate with President Xi of China. The real problem of America is the republic itself.

The American republic, as the first one in the entire human history, is the biggest political lie of modern times and the most dangerous political project of the British Empire. The American republic is a lie and a deception, and it has resulted to be the biggest political liability for the world.

Republic cannot exist. The whole political project is based on lies, deception, and secrecy. Political power does not work that way. The people can never be the sovereign. There should always be an individual who holds the power and the political responsibility. In a republic, it is the abstract institutions that hold the power. This is a lie. Everyone understands this.

The way the US presidential candidates appear in the political scene and the way he or she works in the office does not resemble the image of a true leader, who holds power and responsibility and fills the political vacuum of the country; rather, he or she looks more like an employee hired by someone else, a power that stands behind the curtain.

When Queen Elizabeth II died last year, we all saw that the first thing King Charles III, then crown prince, did was to take over the throne. That’s exactly how power works. There cannot be one moment without a real leader – a concrete individual, because someone else might claim the throne.

In the American republic, and in any republic for that matter, apparently political power works as a gong show. One can never know who is the true leader and the most powerful one: the president, the Congress, the Supreme Court, the FBI, the CIA, the US military, NGOs, the media, etc.

In short, America needs to tear down the whole concept of republic, which is a lie, a threat to the world, an entity that takes responsibility for nothing, which kills, murders, deceives, backstabs, yet we don’t know who is behind the republic: the real power.

Sabri Lushi

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