by Sabri Lushi

I’ve thought carefully about many cases of Muslims who have ended up as obvious victims, gone the wrong route, or even paid a price that normally a Muslim is immune from. I’ve tried to see what all the cases that came to my mind have in common in the light of the current world political system. Therefore, in my opinion, a major reason which leads Muslims to making fatal lifetime decisions is their lack of awareness about their enemy, and that enemy is none other than the British Secularism, the British Empire, the British Monarchy, the Global Government, the powers it be, or whatever it is called, because the not-yet-fallen British Empire has taken different forms and shapes. Let’s just call it simply the Government – a typical secular government.

Based on my personal problems with the Albanian Government and the Canadian Government, which are typically secular governments under the British Monarchy, I can say with certainty that the number one strategy that such governments resort to when they attack Muslims, or any individual for that matter, is to never make the target aware.

This is crucially important for the Government: to make you believe that there is no plan against you, no attack, no agenda. They want to convince people that the Government is so abstract, that no one really cares about what you do and who you are because only this way it can control your life and your decisions the way it wants.

Modern governments tend to appear weak, chaotic, as if they are the victims, as if they are trying to uphold justice and order while in reality it is them who are all the time active in attacking people, controlling them, inciting them to do crimes, use one citizen against another, and spread corruption. Governments are incomparably more powerful than individuals. The logistical means of control that the modern governments possess are unimaginable.

At the same time, modern governments have taken the concept of control to the next level. They have incorporated into the control system a highly active network of spies and agents, where practically whoever has a job is in a way or another, if not a spy, a stooge or a tool of the Government.

In this regard, specifically Muslims should be much aware of what kind of governments control our affairs. The British Secularism, in other words, every single government, considers an enemy whoever opposes this ideology, and Muslims by default fall into this category. We would be under the delusion if we believed that our governments don’t have an agenda against us.

Muslims should respect laws, pay taxes, and work, but for every decision that they make or every problem that they face, an essential piece of data is to consider that the government is our active enemy – someone who is trying to harm you and fight against you. This is exactly what many Muslims fail to take into consideration when they make important decisions in their lives.

Sabri Lushi

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