by Sabri Lushi

In Islamic empires and countries, including the Ottoman Empire, the role of a grand vizier was quite similar to the role of a prime minister of a contemporary state except that he was always appointed by the caliph. During the Ottoman Empire, the grand vizier was the only one to hold the Sultan’s seal. Many of such grand viziers were of Albanian origin, such as Koprulu Mehmet Pasha, who was probably the most famous one and whose era is known as Koprulu Era.

Similarly, the British Empire and other empires have a political ranking of their own. The thirteen British colonies in North America, for example, were ruled by governors, who were part of the British Government and were appointed directly by the British Monarch.

In 1775, all of a sudden, the British appointed governors and the political elite in the thirteen British colonies in North America started a war of independence. They wanted to split from the British Crown.

The war of the British Americans against their own king was not the first one in human history, nor was it the last. Human history is but filled with wars and battles and conflicts for political power. What makes this American war strange, though, is that there was no leader or general who, as in the classical sense, fought to found a new empire, as it normally works. Instead, the British Americans – individuals who were loyal to the British Monarch just prior to the beginning of the war, fought to found an independent state known as ‘republic,’ where the power belonged not to a new king or monarch or leader, but to the people. It is very strange, indeed.

Nevertheless, the American people, which is hard to define precisely who they are because there was no official definition who the American people were – white, black, of African origin, Hispanics, men only or both genders, founded their own republic. There was no ruling family, no ranking, no king, no emperor. All people were equal, in a piece of paper, of course, not in reality because there were still slaves. This is exactly the deception that the British Empire played, and continues to play to this very day.

Strangely, this independent state, which was about to become the most powerful one in the world in the 20th century, adopted a constitution which was fully British; the official language was English; laws were copied from the British Monarchy; and this new state never waged a war against the British Empire, to this very day. Rather, this independent state was the closest ally of the British Empire, and fought whenever and against whoever the British Monarch needed. The last war that this state fought is the war against Iraq, the land of knowledge and intellectuals, the land of oil and the cradle of civilizations.

Frankly speaking, the United States of America has always been under the British Monarchy regardless of its official status, and its presidents are merely grand viziers appointed by the British Monarch.

Sabri Lushi

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