by Sabri Lushi

In 1776, the human civilization was about to witness a unique form of government, probably for the first time in history. On July 4 of that year, the Declaration of the Thirteen United States of American was the official foundation of the Republic of the United State of America. In my view, this political experimentation known as republic was the beginning of a much bigger project, which continues to cause havoc on the world.

On July 4, 1776, George III, the King of Great Britain, decided not to rule its American colonies and territories directly, but through a new form of political instrument called ‘republic.’ Even though the words republic and democracy are borrowed from Latin and Greek languages, they have completely a new meaning. They represent a British form of ruling its colonies and territories.

Technically, both democracy and republic refer to a form of government where the power belongs not to an individual or family, but to the people. The last time this concept could have been used in human history is when the world had a few residents, when there was no need for a government or a ruler.

The British Empire told the world that it is possible to have a government, which is in charge of people’s safety and economy, the law making and setting rules, yet it is abstract. There is no individual in charge, but the people, and once the people vote, they hand the power to the elected person, and the elected person gives the power back to the people in every four year, and again, the people elect another person to be in charge.

If we had the chance to bring back to life Omar ibn Khattab, Aristotle, Cicero, Alexander the Great, Ibn Khaldun or any regular person from three centuries ago and tell them that there is a form of government where power belongs to the people, not a person, however, there is person but elected by people, and the people make sure that he power goes back to them in every four years, I am sure that those names above would slap us on the face because they would thinking we are joking with them.

The truth of the matter is that political power always belongs to an individual, not to the people. Indeed, the leader represents the people, speaks on their behalf and serves them, but the power does not belong to the masses.

What about the USA?

The power has always belonged to an individual, in this case, to the British Monarchy. We should not confuse the strategy that the British Monarchy chooses to rule the world with the reality of things. The power cannot belong to the people or abstract institutions. Always, it goes back to one individual, as in an ordinary company, whether he or she is direct and public, such as kings, or indirect, such as the USA and all other republics which are under the British Monarchy.

The power cannot belong to the people because the world has not figured out yet how to hold a free and fair election, including the USA.

Sabri Lushi

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