by Sabri Lushi

Canada Child Benefit is a tax free financial support offered by the Government of Canada and administered by the Canada Revenue Agency. It is meant to help families with children younger than eighteen. Actually I wanted to start this posting with “Canada Child Benefit: the price of slavery,” but I simply want to focus on some points which I think might be beneficial for those who consider Canada a possible destination to immigrate to.

Personally, I’ve never been a fan of governmental help, especially a pragmatist government which has non transparent agendas. Even though modern governments claim to be purely administrative and void of theological agendas, the reality is much more disappointing. Governments always have agendas and are guided by a theological or theological-like ideology. At the same time, the power is always held by a group of people, in the case of Canada, by the British Monarchy; therefore, the government can never be void of political agendas, which are set by this group of people.

To be more blunt, the Government of Canada doesn’t give money to children based on some transcendental moral values or that it really believes in human rights. As any other modern government, which is based on the British Secularism, it is a pragmatist government. Everything it does, it serves a political purpose, such as political control of people and imposing on them a certain ideology.

So, Canada Child Benefit is a direct payment of the Canadian Government to mothers of children in order to control the population. That money is not really free. Because of that money, the Government of Canada has removed fundamental rights from parents and delegated them to the courts of law and other governmental agencies.

As a result of the expansion of the governmental rights to control children, the role of parents has been practically reduced to babysitters and part time nurses. Parents are no longer those who raise their own children according to their values and according to their plans. Parents no longer have exclusive rights to their own children. In a way or another, every parent has to end up to the court of law, and then it is a Canadian judge who is going to decide about the future of the children.

The invasive role of the Canadian Government with regard to families and children is conspicuous, and this is justified by the benefits that it pays for children.

Child Benefit is a big incentive for many people to immigrate to Canada and enjoy some free money, but at a very high cost. Many parents soon realize that Canada Child Benefit is meant to take the rights of parent away.

Because of this free money, almost all parents are inclined to accept anti family, anti children and anti Muslim agendas. Parents have no choice but to keep quiet and accept the evil agendas of the Government.

I believe that creating more opportunities for parents to work is better than giving them direct money.

Sabri Lushi

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