by Sabri Lushi


Justin Trudeau

Pierre Poilievre

While Canada is on the verge of big crisis, as the prices have skyrocketed, the economy is collapsing, the justice system is dysfunctional, the intelligence service of the country has become a threat to the whole fabric of society, and the number of homeless people is increasing in the numbers of thousands and millions.

Yes, indeed, the homeless people are the irrefutable evidence that this country is falling apart while the crisis has a political explanation, not a natural cause.

Therefore, Canada is in dire need of big and immediate changes.

  1. Canada needs a completely new political leadership. The prime minister, ministers, the privy council, the leader of the opposition, and the governor general should be removed from the political scene as they are corrupt, incompetent, immoral, and they have become a threat to the future of this country.
  2. Canada should split from the British Monarchy once of for all, but not by ending up as the fake republic of the USA. It should have a total new political physiognomy and a new political system. Being ruled by the same old monarchy is costing the Canadian society an unbearable price: the future of children and the coming generations.
  3. The Canadian army should fall under the leadership of a brand new general, who has no connection with the monarchy, the USA or any other country. He should be a responsible Canadian who cares for the future of this country only, not the whims and the greed of others.
  4. The new genuine and honest leadership should immediately make major judicial reforms: change all the corrupt and despotic laws, free people from abusive and tyrannical laws, start to arrest judges massively and clean our courts of law from spies and agents, and return the trust of people to the judicial system.
  5. The new genuine and honest leadership should undertake major economic reforms: lower taxes substantially, lower and stabilize the prices, stop printing money, and above all, change the whole structure of the economy. Given the tyrannical role that the Canadian corporations have, and how they are controlled secretly by the intelligence service, their power should be limited.

In the new Canadian economy, no company, corporation, business or firm should grow more than a certain size. They should not be allowed to employ more than 5-10 people. Rather, the country’s small businesses and companies should flourish. This way, the employment does not become a controlling power of the government and the intelligence service against people.

As of now, the Canadian employers are controlled secretly by the Government and its intelligence service who use their position and power to control and oppress Canadians politically regardless of all propaganda that we hear from the old and corrupt political leadership.

Bosses are the spies and the tyrants of the government and the enemies of people.

Canada needs to change or it will change unwillingly.

Sabri Lushi

November 2023


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