by Sabri Lushi

Given the fact that Muslims have been accused a long time for being involved in terrorism while it continues to be a topic that is widely discussed and mentioned in the media, I’ve been personally very interested to know more about terrorism, the truth about it, about the requirements that a terrorist organization has to meet, and who really has the military capacity to do terrorism in the world.

As any other activity – criminal or non criminal, terrorism has to meet certain requirements in order to exist or succeed.

First, terrorism requires a certain terrorist ideology, which lacks morality, nor does it follow any moral or military code. The objective of terrorists is to frighten, threaten, or scare the enemy as much as possible and by using any means possible: by murdering children, civilians, by executing publicly in the most vicious way, by executing people in front of their own families, by shedding blood as much as possible and by publicizing it as much as possible in the hope that this will deter the enemy.

Second, in order to start a terrorist organization, this requires access to secret or intelligence service to make sure that every person who is recruited is not a governmental spy himself or herself. In addition, in order to make sure that no one from the organization is leaking information or is not betraying, the terrorist organization has to rely on highly advanced intelligence service – interior and global.

Third, in order to make the terrorist actions effective, they should be publicized and broadcasting in the media, so the enemy can be scared as much as possible. Therefore, a terrorist organization necessarily and primarily requires access to the media and means of publishing online the scenes of terror.

Fourth, a terrorist organization requires sophisticated weapons, military training, money, a base or location that is far from the eyes of the enemy, and political support.

Personally, I’ve reached the conclusion that Muslims do not have the capacity, the ideology, the required media coverage as they own no media outlet in the world, as well as they do not have any political and military support to do terrorism.

I’ve reached the conclusion that the only organization that has the necessary media outlets, weapons, finances, the military bases, the advanced intelligence service, and above all, the ideology and the need for forming terrorist organizations is the CIA itself, which includes the US and the UK Governments.

Apart from the CIA, whose spies are in every society, in every city, town, village, school, university, the media, social media, which controls all the political leadership in the world, which has unlimited financial and military resources, which has no ideological restrictions to kill and murder, including children, which follows no rules, no morality, which believes in no God and no principles, no one else has the capacity to do terrorism.


Sabri Lushi

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