by Sabri Lushi

The fact that the President of the United States of America doesn’t possess special cognitive qualities, not even above the average, or the fact the Finland’s prime minister is an adolescent, or the fact that the Ukrainian president is a childish actor, or even the fact that the French President is slapped so disrespectfully by an ordinary French citizen, these are clear indications that the world is run by one central government, which makes all the decisions, from a macro level, such as the fake war of Ukraine or the global pandemics, to the lowest level, such as a local business or the amount of the agriculture products that a region is allowed to grow.

A world government – the United Nations and all other international organizations, which are formed officially by the British Empire, makes all the decisions and forms all the policies and sets the agendas.

One single world government means that there are no longer real international conflicts. There is no foreign enemies. The power is not threatened by anyone. It means that the concept of high treason is no longer relevant. Even cases such as Snowden and Assange are fake and theatrical. They don’t constitute a case of high treason, that’s why there has been no political consequences regarding their so called treason.

One single world government means that states are merely an administrative unit under the world government, which serve the purpose of control, not the protection of citizens or as a genuine unity of people. That’s why citizenship has no value. There is no foreign enemies, who fight for power, who could exploit injustice and politically oppressed citizens. Citizenship is the legal right of a national government to control people, not an expression of legal rights of people.

One single world government means that conflicts are theatrical and prepared behind the scenes. They’re not a demonstration of a battle and political and military competition between two camps. WWII, the cold war and the Ukrainian war are the best examples.

One single world government means that no country, including Russia and China, has the right to leave the UN and form a second similar organization.

One single world government means that we’re going to see more mediocre and fake presidents and prime ministers. We’re going to face more injustice worldwide because there’s no political competition. We’re going to witness more oppression, more population dislocation, more censorship, more injustice and a total degradation and deterioration of the judicial system in the global level.

One single world government means that monopolies will make us extremely vulnerable and dependent on governments – which will increasingly become tyrannical. It means that food production will be fragmented to different countries that will force us to declare ourselves as volunteer slaves. No country will be allowed to be agriculturally independent and sustainable.

Sabri Lushi

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