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The American Government is the symbol of deception and lies

by Sabri Lushi

The reason why the American politicians, including its ambassadors, journalists, and all other members of the American propaganda machine, lie so much and are extensively involved in disinformation and propaganda is explained by the fact that they have the power – they are the occupier, so their only concern is to maintain their power.

In other words, they use lies and propaganda so massively because they’re not interested in solving any problem in the occupied countries. It’s the process of supposedly finding the solution what matters the most.

For example, the American Government has been involved directly in the reformation of the Albanian judicial system since 2016. Even though nothing has changed, they continue to propagate the process.

Another example is the process of the integration of Albania in the EU. It has started almost three decades ago and continues to be a favorite topic for politicians and the media, including the US Embassy in Tirana.

As many people are fully aware of, such processes, which are pure American lies, are meant to last as much as possible in order to keep people busy because the occupiers, i.e., the American Government, are simply interested in maintaining their power; they’re not interested in solving the problems.

This is true for all occupiers historically, let alone for the American Government, which is the symbol of deception and lies.

To conclude, Albanians should know that many political processes in Albania take much longer than what people would expect not because the Albanian Government is corrupt, but because Albania is occupied.

Sabri Lushi

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