by Sabri Lushi

If you’re a Muslim who believes is under political attack, I would like to give you the following safety advice:

Beware of the US Government, for it’s a corrupt and dangerous political entity. In fact, it’s the single most corrupt and most dangerous government in the world.

Having political problems with even your local or national government categorizes you as the political enemy of the US Government. It’s beyond doubt that as a Muslim you are targeted politically on orders from the US Government, so you must be very cautious.

Wherever you travel to, Muslim or non Muslim country, Europe Africa, Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Canada, South America, Brazil or anywhere else in the world, beware of the US Government and its gangs and criminal groups.

There’s no single criminal organization, terrorist group, or other illegal gangs that the US Government and the CIA are not part of it; therefore, be aware of this fact. The US Government operates like a mafia.

In addition, if you ever run into problems or confrontations with a judge, police officer, a criminal on the street, a terrorist, the member of a gang, or an employer, the first questions you should make are, “is this person a CIA spy?” or “is the US Government involved in this conflict?”

These are legitimate questions considering the dangerous role of the US Government in the world. The most dangerous zones are the places where you think you are in an independent country and the US Government has no role. Don’t get fooled by the political propaganda of the global political system.

To conclude, I highly advise those Muslims who think that they are being targeted merely because of their religion to be cautious of the danger that comes from the US Government and the CIA. Even if you’ve not broken any law or you’re not a declared enemy of the US Government and the British Monarchy, you might be a political target regardless.

Beware of the US Government whether you’re traveling, at the workplace, in the courts of law or at your business activity. The US Government and the CIA are the sworn enemies of Muslims. They are the enemies of peace, prosperity and development.


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