by Sabri Lushi

When we’re children, we are told by the society – parents, teachers, professors, and the politicians, that if we study and work hard, we can succeed. We think that playing by the rules, the system will not let us down, so we believe parents, teachers, professors, and other liars of the Secularist society.

The older we grow, the more we start to notice that things are not quite as we were told they are. If fact, there is a point when we start to have serious doubts about the system – the lies, propaganda, unfairness, and the decadence. We realize that playing by rules, studying and working hard are not sufficient at all to success or even survive in life.

In response, the society increases the dosage of lies and propaganda to prevent us from understanding the big lies of the Secularist system – a system which is based on lies, deception, and exploitation while it claims exactly the opposite.

In a more sophisticated way, the political system comes up with more lies in order to cover up the old ones. They tell us that working hard can guarantee success, but unfortunately it is the bankers, they, them, the rich, CEOs, etc. who control all the economy, so it is their fault that we’ve failed.

Well, today we know exactly what’s wrong with the system. The world is ruled by one single government ever since the British Empire occupied the entire globe, especially after WWI. The truth of the matter is that the world is not controlled by the bankers or CEOs, but by the formal political system of the British Empire.

What I’ve realized about the economy is that if I want to start a business, and, as a matter of fact, I’ve tried in the past, the biggest obstacle is not CEOs or the bankers, but laws and rules and the global political system of this empire.

In addition, I’ve realized that laws and rules are not there to guarantee fairness, consistency, and give people an equal chance to success, but these rules and laws are there to do the opposite: to prevent any person who wants to succeed on their own and independently and force them to bow down to the British political mafia in order to move ahead.

Plus, I’ve realized that all these rules, laws and regulations are made by one political body in the world, that is, the British Monarchy. Therefore, our economy is not controlled by bankers or CEOs, but it is controlled by a very well defined group of people: the British Monarchy and its political mafia around the world.

It is King Charles III and the corrupt and oppressive rules and laws and regulations that this Monarchy has made which have turned the world into a mafia state. It is not Jeff Bezos, Soros, Elon Musk or other puppets who control the economy, but King Charles III, Joe Biden, Xi Jinping, Putin and other servants of the British Monarchy who control the economy.

It is not Elon Musk who is preventing me from doing business, but King Charles III and his agents and his laws and regulations that are penalizing us.


Sabri Lushi

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