by Sabri Lushi

I believe this is a very legitimate and fair question. The vast majority of Muslims around the world live under Secularist governments. Even in some very rare cases when Muslims live under Muslim governments, they’re not spared the control of Secularism, as we have seen in Saudi Arabia, for example, scholars and intellectuals are being arrested under direct orders from the US Government.

Therefore, it is a real concern that Muslims have with governments. In my view, there are a couple of reasons why we should not trust any Secularist government.

First, there is a declared war of Secularism against Islam. Secularists are the biggest enemies of Islam and Muslims, so how can we trust them?! They are not even hiding their goals to wipe Islam out.

Second, Secularists, i.e., the British Empire, have failed to deliver their promise. The original argument of the British Secularism has been to introduce to the world a political model that allows all religions live peacefully under the same government. They’ve tried. The result has been a blatant lie. No Secularist government, in the West or in the East, has really provided a genuine political model which allows Muslims live peacefully.

Third, Secularism is heavily dogmatic, full of lies, allegiant to no values or principles, and it lacks consistency. It changes laws in accordance with the political whims and desires of a small corrupt elite. What is considered natural and right today, it might be considered unnatural and wrong tomorrow.

Forth, Secularism respects no natural values; as a result, Muslims are the community that are affected the most by this extremist behavior of Secularists because Islam is the religion of the natural disposition.

In short, Secularist governments have a clear agenda against Islam and Muslims; therefore, it is unwise to trust them as well as it is detrimental to our safety and security. Muslims are not supposed to be gullible. We have seen what Secularists have done to us. We’ve seen what the US Government has done to us, killing women and children and respecting no rule of law. We’ve seen what communist governments have done to us in the name of the British Empire. We’ve seen what Mustafa Kamal did in Turkey and what Enver Hoxha did in Albania.

They haven’t changed. They are the same old criminals and barbarians. They might have changed the color of their suits, but not their agendas against Islam and Muslims. Unfortunately, there are many, many Muslims who cooperate with such criminal governments and want to convince the rest of us to believe them. That’s why we Muslims are in such a weak position because traitors and hypocrites and the stupid ones among us are being used effectively by our enemies – the US Government and all Secularist governments around the world.

Muslims should obey their laws and behave in accordance with the teaching of Islam, be kind to all humans, but never, ever trust Secularist governments.

Sabri Lushi

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