by Sabri Lushi

Successfully, the British Empire continues to keep the Muslim lands under full control while the British Secularism and its laws are imposed on Muslims, directly or indirectly. Yet, the concept of occupation has been distorted and transformed cunningly by the British rulers.

Occupation is not necessarily demonstrated by the dropping of bombs and the killing of people, even though the American, Canadian and the British soldiers – the heart of the British empire, have been very ‘generous’ with that. They’ve dropped a lot of bombs and killed millions of children and women.

Even Muslims have contributed a great deal to the distortion of the concept occupation. Only when they speak of Palestine, Iraq, Kashmir, Yemen, Somalia, and Syria, they refer to their destruction as ‘occupation.’ That’s exactly what the enemy wants and that’s why the Evil Empire will keep Palestine under permanent conflict, so Muslims can use it as a reference to occupation; hence, the distortion.

By any standard – historical, political, economic, military, social, and religious, Muslims today are under the occupation of the British Empire or its new modern institutions, such as the UN, the US Government, NATO etc. while the British Monarchy is the same old one. Nothing has changed in reality. The abolition of the Ottoman Empire on March 3, 1924, marked the end of the free Muslim world.

Again, occupation does not necessary mean to have British or American soldiers patrolling the streets of Istanbul, Cairo, Baghdad, Damascus, or Islamabad, even though this could be the case. Nor is occupation necessarily related to seeing the British imperial flag waived in our lands. We should not confuse the strategy of the enemy with the reality.

The reality is that our lands, politics, leaders, the economy, the military, the educational system, the intelligence service, the scientific research, universities, libraries and museums are under full control of the British Empire. As of today, there is no single Muslim country that is independent.

Speaking of independence, that cannot start by waging wars against the US Government or other armies of King Charles III. Muslims lack the ability and the necessary independence to establish an independent military base.

The independence can start only by absolutely refusing the British Secularism, which has creeped into our lives, families, and politics, and by fully returning the religion of Islam and its teachings. There will be no political and military independence without an ideological independence first. Therefore, we should teach our children, families, communities and Muslims in general that the British Secularism is all evil and that it is the ideology of our enemies, who are destroying our lands, our families, our economies, and exploiting and stealing our natural recourses. In any case, the British Secularism is all evil even based on objective criteria.

Sabri Lushi

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