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Canada is the graveyard of immigrants

by Sabri Lushi

The Canadian Government, its courts of law and the notorious network of the governmental spies and agents pose the biggest threat to the Canadian citizens. The corrupt Government holds extremely too much control and interferes with people’s problems and lives in a way that cannot be imagined. Given the fact that Canada is a major destination for immigrants, it has developed an entire state apparatus which deals exclusively with immigrants.

Therefore, it’s important for anyone who lives in Canada, especially immigrants, to be aware of this danger, i.e., the government itself and its network of spies.

It’s a government that has managed to disguise its communist dictatorship with a good image.

In addition, Canada doesn’t have a real political opposition as the long British control has eliminated any voice who speaks up against the governmental tyranny.

What appears as the political opposition, it’s just a deceiving facade.

Sabri Lushi

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