by Sabri Lushi

Muslims don’t need an independent country as part of a political adventure, as some Muslim intellectuals try to simplify this matter. Political power is a necessity in this life.

Muslims also are not in need of an independent country in order to fight against the disbelievers or in order to discipline the western abusers and unjust governments.

Muslims don’t need a country to start a war with the British Empire and its puppet states. Nor do they need a country to reject the power of the British Monarchy, even though the latter is clearly an enemy of Muslims.

In truth, we are in dire need of a country in order to protect ourselves, our religion, our families and properties, and in order to build a sustainable and independent future.

Simply we don’t trust the Secular governments. We don’t trust the western governments. We don’t trust the western laws, which are barbaric, discriminatory, and abusive. We don’t trust the western courts of law because they are corrupt and the legal system is rigged. We don’t trust the western judges because they are spies and agents of the government and they have political motivation.

It’s a matter of trust. We don’t trust Secularism and Secularist governments. They’ve failed to provide a system for all. The level of secrecy and espionage that they use is frightening.

We – Muslims – should think seriously about our future before it is too late. The West has failed us. The British Secularism has failed to deliver what it promised the world.

We need a country. We cannot trust western barbarians. It might seem difficult to envision this project of having our own independent country, but everything starts as an idea and as a response to an urgent need, that’s why it’s our collective job to articulate this need. It’s our job to express the level of distrust that we have of this corrupt system.

I’m sure that there are many Muslims who abhor the western courts of law and their immoral and corrupt judges. This is not a secret. We don’t trust these spies and agents. However, this should serve as a catalyst for thinking to come up with the formation of an independent country, not to fight the West, not to fight against barbarians, but to defend ourselves and our families and our properties from the western governments, from Secularism and the British Monarchy.

We are not safe under the rule of the barbarians. We are not safe under the western judges. We can no longer trust them. We can no longer trust the UN. We have the right to survive from these western criminals before they wipe us out.

Sabri Lushi

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