by Sabri Lushi

It is true that politics has a negative connotation, for the right or for the wrong reasons. That’s why we need clarifications, ideas, discussions, publications, and writings in order to raise awareness. Power is not a goal in and of itself, but it is a necessary tool for survival.

Political power means the right to natural resources. Everyone likes the idea of peace, but this is the reality of this life: if a community does not strive to have access to natural resources, it is destined to perish. The lands where Muslims live as a majority are rich in natural resources, yet millions of Muslims are starving and striving to put food on the table for their children. Sadly, the British Empire and its puppet states around the world, such as the US Republic and China, control our resources.

Political power means laws and laws means power. As of today, two billion Muslims around the world are ruled by British laws, their lives are regulated by British laws, their natural resources are controlled by British laws. From Indonesia to Morocco, the British Secularism has a total control over the legal system of Muslim countries. If this is not the very definition of occupation, what else would it be?

Political power means survival. Even though Muslim community worldwide makes up the quarter of the world’s population, we don’t have political power. Muslims don’t have an independent educational system, independent universities, independent scientific research, independent armies, independent economic organizations, and an independent financial system. How can we survive as a community while our affairs are controlled either directly by the British Monarchy or their appointed agents?

Political power means dignity. Two billion Muslims live under the British Secularism and its cruelty. It is either America or China or Russia the one that decides about our future. Don’t we have the right to decide for ourselves?

There are two billion Muslims, yet we don’t have one country that has the right of veto in the UN security council. The fact that no Muslim country has the right to veto, this means that the UN – this British Empire’s founded organization, is the enemy of Muslims.

Political power does not mean that Muslims should listen to the political propaganda. Political power is not a goal, but it is a necessary awareness of survival.

There are two billion Muslims around the world, yet they have no political power over their natural resources, they live under imposed laws from the British Secularism, their affairs are controlled by British appointed agents, their agendas are set by the British Monarchy, their financial system is controlled by the British Empire, and we all live under the threat of the US Government – the most corrupt and irresponsible political entity of our time. Muslims are threatened by America. This is merely a fact.

Sabri Lushi

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