by Sabri Lushi

Apparently, Muslims today don’t have political power. Under the worldwide British Secularism, they live either as direct minorities, as it is the case in the western countries, or as practical minorities. There is no political power to represent them in the UN. No Muslim country has the right to veto in the UN Security Council.

We all know that when a nation or political power occupies another one, this means that the latter has to comply with some direct conditions and demands. Occupied people do not have the right to establish their military power, nor are they allowed to have an independent economic and financial system. At the same time, schools, universities, the academia, the scientific research and the religious clergy fall under the orders of the occupying power. This is very common sense. Those who hold the power want to make sure that they are not challenged politically, so everything which leads to that challenge is restricted, such as military power, money, finances, knowledge and the independent access to people – educational and religious.

So, this is exactly the condition of Muslims today. The fall of the Ottoman Empire led to their full surrender to the British rule. However, because the Muslim Ummah is so big, the British Empire has taken a very unique approach. It has not chosen to manifest its occupation, as classical power would normally do. Instead, it has chosen to split Muslims into sixty countries recognized by the UN – which is founded by the British Empire itself, as independent. For the British Empire, the perception is very important. Muslims should not perceive the British occupation even though it controls their finances, legal system, educational system, schools and universities, and on top of that, their military.

Indeed, Muslims today don’t have power. They’ve lost the war against the British Empire. So, technically one should think that because Muslims have been under full occupation over the last century, Islam should be a religion in retreat and no longer on the radar of the British Empire.

On the contrary, the fact that there are millions of undercover Muslim agents, imams, intellectuals, professors, and thinkers, who are fully infiltrated in our Ummah, whose role is to mislead Muslims and control them ideologically, this means that Islam emanates power, this means that Muslims are a very powerful community, otherwise the British Empire would not bother to pay millions of spies and agents infiltrated in our community and in our mosques.

This give me great hope that no matter how much the British Empire and and its puppet Secularists states try, they won’t be able to wipe Islam out.

They’ve tried over the last century, but they failed. The British Monarchy failed to decimate Islam and Muslims for one reason: Islam is the only and last divine religion alive. It fills a spiritual emptiness that nothing else can do.

Sabri Lushi

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