by Sabri Lushi

The Canadian psychologist, the favored propagandist of the political establishment, and the staunch supporter of the British Secularism, Jordan Peterson appeared on a video criticizing Islam as a religion that has been taken hostage by misogynistic mullahs. As a master of communication and propaganda, he implies that Islam is an anarchic and run-of-the-mill religion, which looks more like a broken-apart tradition, such as Christianity and other pagan and idol worshipping religions.

He says, “I see this as a threat to Islam, in the most fundamentalist forms of Islam. It’s like, hay fair enough. Allah as interpreted by who? Oh, totalitarian, misogynistic mullahs? How about no? I don’t buy your Allah.”

In response to this master of propaganda, i.e., imposter, I would say the following:

Islam is the religion of scholars, logic, of using the brain, thinking and reflection, the observation of nature in order to reflect on God’s creation. Islam is the religion of critical thinking and knowledge and bravery.

First, the Qur’an is in clear Arabic, so in order to learn the most basic knowledge about Allah – the Creator, the pure monotheism and the dedication of all forms of worship to Him alone, the purpose of life, the importance of guidance, about humans, about prophets and their inspiring stories, about living a free and successful life, about the reality after death, about what harms and what benefits people, all of these do not require the interpretation of misogynistic mullahs at all.

Second, the religion of Islam – the Qur’an and the tradition of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), has been preserved rigorously by scholars generation after generation – great teachers who have dedicated their lives to the preservation and the protection of this purely divine religion. They didn’t do that for money, but only because they believed that it is the truth.

Third, the Qur’an that we apply today and make it as a guidance for us, is not interpreted by mullahs – in case you’re using this word as a derogatory term, but by scholars, by those who have memorized the Qur’an entirely – six hundred pages, who know the meaning of its words, the historical contexts of revelation, who know the general verses as opposed to specific ones, the difference between abrogated and abrogating verses and so on and so forth.

The Qur’an is interpreted not by mullahs, but by great people who favored punishment and prison over pleasing rulers with politically convenient interpretation, by credible scholars.

The Qur’an is not interpreted by spies and agents of the governments, as it is the case of the western atheist thinkers and immoral scientists, who work for a salary, but by Ibn Abbas, Imam Ahmed, Ibn Kathir, at-Tabari, Qurtubi, Suyuti etc., who were true scholars, not people like you who work and speak only for a salary, not like the western materialist scholars who are ready to lie and deceive just for money.

Sabri Lushi

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