by Sabri Lushi

Mistakenly, we think that school is the place which equips us with the right tools, such as knowledge and training, in order to increase our opportunities to earn a better living. We confuse schools and universities with knowledge and access to natural resources.

First, schools and universities are educational institutions run and controlled by the government or licensed and overseen by it. Therefore, it goes without saying that their main purpose is not to serve us, but to serve the government itself and its interests. School curricula are not designed to teach children real knowledge or train them with the skills that they can use independently; quite the contrary, secular schools are designed to brainwash children, teach them the dogma of the secular state, expose them to lies and propaganda, keep them busy, demoralize and put them down all the time, keep them seated for hours inside the outdated classrooms, which prevents them from even developing the right physical skills, and wake them up early in the morning in a fashion that ruins their entire day.

Schools are so centralized. A few corrupt individuals of the government can affect and control the lives of millions of children. Schools give the government enormous access to the lives of children, unprecedented in the entire human history. These kinds of schools which the British secular governments have built are in truth prisons for our children. They are not designed to teach them, but to destroy their lives.

It is true that they learn something there. Some of them become successful and are promoted by the government, but that’s just a strategy of tempting them to go to school – the prison of children.

We cannot even imagine how much access the secular governments have to our children. They collect information and prepare statistics which can be used against them, so their future is decided by the government behind the scenes while the poor young kids, completely innocent, attend classes regularly hoping that their parents are making the best investment for them.

The funny part is that the government controls everything. It controls the success of children in school, and it controls the opportunities to work once they graduate. By virtue of going to school, it means that a child is in the total control of the government.

Therefore, the only way to protect our children from the tyranny and oppression of the government is to expose these regimes that are designed to destroy lives of people. At the same time, we should teach our children that the government is the biggest enemy; we should teach them to never trust the government, never rely on it, never have faith in it, but to consider it an enemy and a deceiving organization. We should teach our children that everything which comes from the government comes with a hefty price, including child support.

We should teach our children real knowledge at home.

Sabri Lushi

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