by Sabri Lushi

Political awareness is not and ought not be about who is going to sit on the chair of the prime minister or who is assigned as a crown prince or crowned as a king. In the end, there is one person who is going to get that position, which in a sense is symbolic. That’s why in every traditional culture and religion, including the divine religion of Islam, fighting for that type of power is not praise worthy and not something what people appreciate deep in their hearts. It’s very egoistic and about an impossible thing.

The true political awareness is about the power of decision making, about natural resources and the distribution of the economy, jobs and business rights, religious freedom and family power.

Political power for us means the political right to own businesses and have more access to the economy.

Political power for us means to limit the power of the government and its access in our personal lives and families.

Political power for us means to increase family autonomy and less taxes.

Political power for us means to make long term plans and think big.

Political awareness for us means not to trust the government and its institutions, including courts of law, and consider Secularist governments as a necessary evil.

Political awareness and personal political power is all about the personal economy, individual and family cooperation – far from the interference of the government. Actually, the Secularist government should always be considered as a threat and hindrance to political freedom.

The more we increase the political power among people, the more freedom we have, the more we mitigate the threatening power of the government, which, again, it’s a necessary evil.

The fact that Secularist governments have the power to control at a family level, come up with oppressive laws, implement worldwide anti family laws, vilify all religions, mock us with this gender woke, have absolute control on our economy and money, this means that we lack true political power at an individual level.

Instead, all too deceptively, the British Evil Empire has given us an alternative to the real power: the right to be elected and to elect.

My response to the British Evil Secularism is:

We don’t need that fake right. We don’t care who is appointed as prime minister. That makes no difference to us. We don’t buy that mockery anymore.

However, we care about our personal political power: to own, to start businesses, to have family and religious autonomy, and to defend ourselves from the massive army of spies and agents who are paid by the government.

Political power means fewer spies and governmental agents.

We all need to be aware of our personal political power and how we can maximize it, which is realistic and within reach. Voting and elections are a British deception, which we should reject contemptuously. They want to deceive us with some fake processes in order to forget our real personal power.

Sabri Lushi

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