by Sabri Lushi

Back in 2014 in Albania, when I was fired from my job for political reasons, I started a private English course with the help of my brother. To own my business was my dream, let alone to own an educational center; it was an incredible idea. Combining teaching, the spread of knowledge with a source of independent income couldn’t be better.

I thought I had all the necessary skills to run that type of business. I had a degree in English language, and another one in Finance, as well as I had the motivation to do that kind of job. My dream was, if not building one day my own university, at least growing that educational center considerably as the best way of earning independent income and contributing to the society.

Soon I realized that my education was exactly the main obstacle. Right after I rented a place for the English course and I started to pass flyers every day to hundreds of high school students, I was confronted with a new phenomenon. The Albanian Intelligence Service was activated heavily against my activity – threatening, removing my ads, contacting students, using my relatives against me, and even having agents signing up for my course just to come and sabotage my business albeit their activity was run as discreetly as possible.

Within a year, I had to close the business as I immigrated to the corrupt country of Canada – the graveyard of immigrants. However, from the time I decided to open my English course until I shut it down, I learned a lot about the economy -something which my university had not taught me, about politics, the Intelligence Service and their malicious activity, the control of the economy; I even learned about the global immigration agendas of the corrupt western countries, such as Canada.

I learned that the modern economy is absolutely controlled by the government. In reality, there is no such a thing as public and private sectors. In the end, everything is controlled by the Secularist government. Everything we hear from politics or we learn in school is a lie, that’s why I considered my degrees as my main obstacles to understand the truth about the world of businesses.

Given my confrontation with the Albanian Intelligence Service and their evil activity, especially with regard to the control of businesses and the economy, I came to realize that in the modern world there is no independent businessmen or entrepreneurs, including in countries such as the USA, Canada and the UK.

All businesses, corporations and companies are owned by spies and agents of the governments, the CIA, or former military officers, which by extension fall under the control of the British Monarchy. Therefore, all these big names such as Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Sundar Pichai etc. are governmental puppets and CIA spies, which is to say, puppets of the British Monarchy. The economy and jobs are much controlled than the vast majority of people think.

Sabri Lushi

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