by Sabri Lushi

Given the fact that the British Empire has established its global power based on propaganda, lies, deception, fairy tales, mythology, and distortion of history, it is only fair to assume that the official map of natural resources does not reflect the reality. If there is something that the global British Secularism – a materialist ideology, would keep away from the eyes of the public, that is the map of natural resources.

One might argue that certain things are obvious and verifiable, such as water, forests, energy, the agriculture capacity etc. Scientifically speaking, nothing is obvious.

Playing the devil’s advocate, another one might argue that the world is diverse, so many governments, there is the USA, the UK , the EU, China, Russia etc., so no one has the total monopoly on the global information. The truth of the matter is that countries are there only to deceive and restrict us; they’re not formed by the materialist British Empire to provide freedom, transparency, the right to natural resources, and political opposition.

The world today is ruled by one government, whether we call it the UN, the British Empire, the global government or whatever, it does not matter. What it stands for matters, not the terminology.

When it comes to natural resources, the global politics, the appointment of prime ministers and presidents, pseudo-kings and dictators, all are controlled by the British Empire. The fact that countries have to be recognized by the UN – which was formed by the British Empire, the fact that governments have to be recognized not by people, but by the UN and international community, this means that we live under a British global government. That’s why we still have a unique British Monarchy, which even officially controls a large portion of the world, including NATO.

I would argue that one of the reasons why the British Empire has formed so many countries, in most cases arbitrarily, is to facilitate the control of the natural resources. Technically speaking, there is no way for people to even perceive what kind of natural resources they have and what the amount would be of those which can be seen.

For example, as an Albanian citizen, I have no way to know how much water Albania has, how much energy is currently produced, and what is the real capacity. There is no way for me to know how much energy the Albanian Government exports and what the revenues are from that energy. There is no way to know what is done with that money because when it comes to natural resources, Albania is not independent.

This is the case for every single country. Citizens don’t’ have real access to information, to know how much oil reserves the country has, if there is oil or not, what the agriculture capacity is etc.

We can say for sure that the development of countries does not reflect the capacity of their natural resources. Albania is a clear example. So is Africa and the Middle East.

Sabri Lushi

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