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Islam and Secularism can never reconcile

by Sabri Lushi

Islam and Secularism can never reconcile and cannot be compatible with each other. While both target people and aim to guide them, they have opposite objectives, and they are the antithesis of each other.

Islam’s purpose is the free people in every aspect, politically and spiritually. It teaches humanity the mechanisms which would preserve human race, people’s dignity, and closes all the doors that lead to downfall and enslavement of people, as well as it teaches people the mechanisms how to restrict the power of the government – which by its very nature is inclined to oppress and suppress. It teaches people to free themselves as much as possible from every material need. It teaches people the best values, which are all about freeing them. It teaches the believers not to lie, not to deceive, not to spy, not to be agents, and not to be hypocrites. It teaches people not to violate the rights of others, such as stealing, insulting, backbiting, gossiping, spying, betraying and backstabbing others, ruining the reputation of others, as well as interfering dishonestly in other people’s affairs, as these lead to social disunity, corruption and conflicts. Islam values social cohesion.

Secularism, on the other hand, is a completely different ideology. Its purpose is to rule and control people. Its fundamental point of view is control and only control. Therefore, it has no problem to resort to any political strategy and the use of any behavior which can help the state control people. For this reason, Secularism has legitimized all the negative forms of social behaviors as long as they contribute to the control of people. It has no problem with lying, deception, corruption, backstabbing, spying, gossiping, ruining people’s reputation, the promotion of drugs and alcohol and substances which lead to addiction, violation of people’s rights, and so on and so forth.

Secularism is an extremely pragmatist ideology: here and now. It does not care about what happens in the long run and where the society is heading to. The obsession with control places people in a vicious circle, in a permanent downfall.

Secularism has taken the concept of control to the next level. It has divided people to the extent that it is hard to find two individuals maintain a functional and productive relationship. People should be individuals, so they should never benefit from a collective form of thinking, as this could lead to awareness and awakening, according to Secularism.

In conclusion, there is no doubt that Islam and Secularism are opposite ideologies and religions. Their goals and objectives and political approaches couldn’t be more different.

In less than a century, Secularism has led humanity to a critical point. We might not agree exactly on what’s going to happen in the future if Secularism continues to hold the world hostage, but the majority of us agree that the future is going to be worse than the past if this ideology will not die.

Sabri Lushi

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