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Saudi Arabia imprisons Muslim scholars and intellectuals on orders from the US, and UK Governments

by Sabri Lushi

What’s the point of having so-called independent countries when officially the UK and the US Government interfere in other countries in matters which the very concept of independence is all about?

For example, Saudi Arabia imprisons Muslim scholars and intellectuals on orders from the US Government and the UK Government. Isn’t this evidence enough to expose the idea of nation state as a fraud and as a British deception? Technically, Saudi Arabia isn’t to be blamed for these horrible actions. It’s a political requirement. We’re inclined to blame local governments because we assume them as independent. We confuse the reality with the political strategy that the British Empire has chosen to rule the world.

That’s why the family members and relatives of those scholars who have been imprisoned in Saudi Arabia unjustly, they should accuse publicly the British Monarchy and the US corrupt Government. They also should request from the Shura Council of KSA to investigate the cases politically and hold a public trial for every detained scholar.

Another case which undermines fundamentally the concept of independence is what the US corrupt Government and the British Monarchy have done in Albania. They’ve required from our government to declare as protected zones our lands and areas where we make a living. Such unjust decisions have been taken based on political reasons.

In addition, similar to Saudi Arabia, our judicial system is under the control of the US corrupt Government. Americans give orders to arrest people, what charges they should face and how the verdict should be.

Canada is no different, for that matter. If one faces political problems in Albania, Pakistan, India or whatever country, it is guaranteed that they will face the same political problems in Canada. It’s a trap to think that you’re in a different country. It’s a British deception.

Over all, the judicial system is a globalized system, where judges of Canada, the USA, Germany, Saudi Arabia, China etc. are merely employees of the British Empire. Therefore, it’s not a surprise at all to have a judge in Canada act on political orders for a problem related to another country because they consider the whole world as one state.

In fact, the biggest struggle that the British Empire is facing is how to convince people that the world is not one state. That’s why there is so much propaganda, fake political rhetoric, fake wars, and many political instruments, such as diplomatic relations, diplomatic incidents, foreign ministers, judicial independence, UN etc., which simply intend to cover up the fact that the world is one state.

Whether we believe that the world is one state under the British Monarchy or not, it doesn’t change the fact that it actually is, as it doesn’t matter if we deny the rotation of the Earth because it moves regardless of what we think.

Our job is to understand the political reality of the world, so we can defend ourselves. Denial hurts none other than us.

Sabri Lushi

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