by Sabri Lushi

Whether we hear the US President authorizing the dropping of bombs on Muslim children and women, or the UK and the Canadian Governments sending their soldiers to Muslim lands to finish the job started by the American Army, or the French President speaking of political Islam, or the King of Jordan visiting the British Monarch or the US President in order to fight terrorists, or the King of Saudi Arabia justifying his cooperation with the US Government and the British Monarch in order to kill Muslims – extremists as they claim, all of these would have not had happened without the exploitation of a Muslim sect known as Kharijites, and their exploitation continues to this very day.

What makes this sect special, which consists of multiple groups, movements, features, qualities, and demonstrations, is the fact that it has been predicted by the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and he (peace be upon him) has prescribed them and told us some of their qualities and characteristics, such as they’re young in age, their shallow understanding of religion, that they make takfir of Muslims – accusing other Muslims of being apostates, that they shed the blood of Muslims justified by their unjust takfir, and that they rebel against Muslim rulers as they don’t recognize them or accuse them as having become apostates. At the same time, the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) has given permission to fight against them and kill them. This last part is very relevant to the topic that I am trying to tackle on this essay.

Indeed, scholars have written books and delivered thousands of hours of lectures about the description of this sect and their appearance in our time, and how harmful they are. So, from a theological point of view, it is a well treated topic. Also from a political perspective, the western experts of terror, politicians, intelligent service experts, professors, and journalists have treated it extensively, but from their political point of view.  

As we can see from the description of this sect, it is loaded with political aspects: rebellion, killing, accusing Muslims for being apostates, and murder. I believe this, i.e., the political aspect, is exactly what makes them special and that’s why they, or this phenomenon, are exploited by the US Government, the British Monarchy, and the Saudi Government.

Considering that this sect is mostly political, but justified by theology, it is only fair to treat it also from a political perspective, not the way the westerners approach it, but from a Muslim’s point of view. So, we Muslims should bring into the equation the political landscape of our time in order to better understand this sect and what stands behind it, who exploits it and why, and how we can defend ourselves from such a harmful ideology and political game.


To begin with, a confusion regarding this topic rises from the fact that Muslim lands have been occupied and colonized by the British Empire at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th centuries, which was concluded with the fall of the Ottoman Empire during WWI. Again, having a clear picture of the political and historical background of the Muslim world in the last one or two centuries will help us make sense of all this big fuss about Kharijites and their political exploitation. Politics plays a much bigger role behind the scenes than we think, and coincidently, this sect is all about politics.

Thus, the fall of the Ottoman Empire had multiple effects on the British Empire and the Muslim world. It was the last power to oppose the rising British Empire, so the latter virtually became the political leader of the world; in other words, the British Empire shaped the world politically in the 20th century after the fall of the Ottoman Empire. It was the one which formed nation states and drew the borders; it was the one that benefitted the most from WWI and WWII; it gave rise to all the political ideologies and movements of the 20th century, such as communism, fascism, democracy and the likes; it formed the international organizations such as the UN, NATO, Warsaw Pact, the League of Arab States, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, and the most modern one, BRICS.

This is the most confusing part, no doubt. There are so many states, countries and borders, political parties, international organizations and so much political fuss to the extent that when one tries to simplify things, they look stupid. However, this confusion, in my view, comes from the fact that people nowadays aren’t aware of how political power works, who rules and how they rule. It is not easy to know such things, especially given the fact that schools have a monopoly on children to shape their view about the world. Schools are centralized and heavily regulated. It is not a surprised that what a child learns in Canada, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria or Cuba, for instance, a child in China learns the same. The uniformity and centralization of the educational system, no matter how chaotic and diverse might seem, have made some common-sense knowledge disappear or seem strange, such as the understanding of power and politics.

In this regard, I would cite part of one verse from the Quran to simplify the whole confusion, which is caused by the existence of many countries, states, international organizations, fake wars, and massive propaganda in order to cover the political power of the British Empire. Allah says in the Quran [قُلِ ٱللَّهُمَّ مَـٰلِكَ ٱلْمُلْكِ تُؤْتِى ٱلْمُلْكَ مَن تَشَآءُ وَتَنزِعُ ٱلْمُلْكَ مِمَّن تَشَآءُ  ], which translates as “Say, ‘O Allah, the King of Kings, you give kingdom (power) to whoever you want, and you pluck it from whoever you want.” [Quran, 3:26]

So, clearly from an Islamic perspective, one of the characteristics of power is that is removed or plucked, not given up because the British Empire decided to do so. No one leaves power because they are tired of ruling. By its very nature, power continues to be held by a person until someone else takes it from them by force. Power is not granted. There could be a thousand reasons why people don’t resign and don’t give up power. Probably it has to do with state secrets, or with the fact that when one is in power, part of the job is to wrong or imprison or kill people – to have enemies for the right or for the wrong reason, so once they resign, they will become object of revenge. Nevertheless, this is not part of this essay. It is enough to mention that power is not granted by people, nor is it given up.

In fact, even the British playwright Shakespeare, who treats politics extensively in his tragedies, he considers the resignation from power a curse. This is the main theme of “King Lear,” where the king divided his kingdom as a gift to his three daughters, and the result was catastrophic; he ended up homeless. So, Shakespeare captures this idea of power resignation very well, and the final message of the tragedy is that King Lear made a big mistake. Nevertheless, it is not a matter of prescription – whether to resign from power or not, it is a natural phenomenon related directly to its nature.

Power works similar to a pride of lions. When a new lion take over a pride, the first thing it does is to kill all the young cubs. Therefore, the old lion will do everything possible to cling to the throne. Likewise, when a new ruler takes over a country, the first thing they do is to eliminate the old elite – whoever could potentially challenge the new ruler. This is part of human nature and part and parcel of power.

Unfortunately, this is exactly where the British Empire has confused people. The world is organized politically in a way that it makes it impossible for masses to understand who holds power and what’s going on.

For clarification, the resignation or the change of prime ministers or presidents does not constitute an example that people leave power peacefully. They are not those who hold the political power; rather, they are the next appointed employees of the British Monarchy. The power which I am referring to is the British Monarchy or the British Empire, not the façade and grotesque elections, which are invented by the British experts to increase confusion even more.


Historically speaking, the British Empire became an undisputed ruler of the world at the end of WWI – the empire on which the sun never sets. While Europe was united and ruled more or less by the same dynasty, including Germany, Russia, and the small Principality of Greece, for example, it was only the Ottoman Empire the biggest barrier for the British to rule the world.

As a result, it was of paramount importance for the British Empire and all the united Europe to destroy the Ottoman Empire, put an end to the Islamic caliphate and rule Muslims. While the internal problems, corruption and degradation were definitely a major reason to bring to an end the Ottoman Empire, the betrayal of the Arab people was another determining factor. Many Arab tribes were deceived by the British and revolted against their own empire. From an Islamic perspective, what such Arab people did was an action of Kharijites.

In 1924, the Islamic caliphate was abolished. The Ottoman caliph was deposed and the dynasty ceased to hold power. For the first time since the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), Muslims woke up without a state and without a caliph. It was one of the saddest days for the Muslims Ummah. Officially, the British Empire took over the Islamic world.

So far, I am merely underlining the historical fact that officially the British Empire controlled the world in 1920s. It formed the League of Nations. It formed nation states, and it divided the Islamic world in a way that it was convenient to its political control and what served its interests. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, for example, was formed by the British Empire in 1932, and later many other small states were formed in the Arabian Peninsula.

WWII, which was one of the most deceiving wars the world has ever seen, was orchestrated very well by the British Empire, and it ended by a seemingly withdrawal of the latter, and this is the most confusing part. The fact the British Empire chose to strategically ‘disappear’ and ‘withdraw,’ this does not mean that the Empire came to an end. We confuse its strategy with the reality. Even officially, it did not lose WWII, nor was it damaged.

The British Empire was not defeated or attacked. WWII was a theater and a very well orchestration, no matter how many people might have died. After all, communism, Nazism and the Italian fascism were merely political instruments of the British Empire; they were by no means its enemies.

The British Empire has not fallen yet. The British Monarchy has not lost its power. Political power is taken by force, not by a self-proclamation of political withdrawal or slogans and propaganda. It is an obvious fact that the world today is controlled by the British Dynasty.


This was an introduction to emphasize one simple truth: after the fall of the Ottoman Empire – the last Muslim caliphate, Muslims fell under the British control. The introduction was a logical argument to established the fact that Muslims today are under the British occupation, regardless of having states, countries, borders, elections, kings, and governments. Again, we should not confuse the reality of things with the strategy of the British Empire and how it chooses to rule. The formation of states and allowing the existence of so-called independent countries does not mean that the British Empire does not control the Muslim world.

On the other hand, Muslims practice a religion which is not compatible with the British politics and the ideology of Secularism, and above all, they cannot accept a non-Muslim ruler impose their laws, politics, and set their agendas. In addition, Muslims have always a political and religious need to have their own state in order to practice their religion fully. The Quranic verse, [وَلَن يَجْعَلَ ٱللَّهُ لِلْكَـٰفِرِينَ عَلَى ٱلْمُؤْمِنِينَ سَبِيلًا], which translates as, “And Allah will never grant the disbelievers a way over the believers,” is exactly related to this very topic, which means that Muslims cannot be ruled by non-Muslims. Also, Muslims come from a long history of a well-established civilization. That’s why, for the most part the British Empire has had no choice but to rule the Islamic world through Muslim puppet leaders. We cannot imagine a British Governor rule Egypt or Jordan, for instance.

Therefore, for the British Empire to rule Muslims has not been an easy task. No matter what, Muslims cannot accept a foreign ruler. For this reason, the British Empire has resorted to many strategies in order to effectively rule them and make sure that they won’t be able to form a serious uprising against the enemy.

Some strategies, in my view, have been: the formation of so-called independent states ruled by puppet Muslim rulers who are appointed by the British Empire; granting certain Muslim countries a special function, such as Saudi Arabia, which has tried to somehow play the role of an Islamic global leader; the formation of the State of Israel as a permanent distraction for Muslims – instead of noticing that their own countries are merely British territories and instead of focusing on their real enemy, which is the British Empire, they are distracted by the Palestinian conflict.

Another policy or strategy that the British Empire has used in order to rule Muslims is the constant oppression or elimination of a certain category of people, such as all those who potentially could grow and become a political problem, or at least that is its objective. This could have been realized by a compilation of lists of all people who have to be oppressed, then isolated, and also by restricting their chances of success in academic careers or business. However, the best way of neutralizing the political effect of such people is by getting rid of them altogether.

Indeed, one of the most important strategies of the British Empire for maintaining its control over Muslims has been and continues to be wars, executions, killing, and murder. It is not a coincidence that most of the wars of the 20th and the 21st centuries have been waged by the UK Government, the US Government, the Canadian Government and the Russian or the USSR Government – which make up the core part of the British Empire, against Muslims. This is simply a verifiable fact. The last backstabbing war took place in Syria, where the western countries as well as Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and China cooperated in order to kill Muslims, not to change a regime in Syria. This shows once again that the world is not divided at all when it comes to the killing of Muslims.


In my view, if not wiping out Islam altogether, the British Empire has considered it a necessary political measure to regularly get rid of a certain category of Muslims and gradually eliminate all Muslim scholars in order to guarantee its permanent control in Muslims lands, especially given the fact that oil – the key element to modern technological development, is found only in the Middle East. Oil could be just another reason, but not the main one. Extinguishing the light of Islam is the final goal of the British Empire.

In order to realize the killing of Muslims and maintain the political control, the British Empire naturally has been in need of ways or criteria in order to kill the wanted Muslims, but by avoiding a direct confrontation with them, as this could lead to a political cohesion of theirs. As I’ve mentioned many times, the British Empire could be anything but stupid. Definitely, the British military experts have studied Islam and learned very well about the history of Muslims, its different sects and groups.

Therefore, I strongly believe that the description and the example of Kharijites have provided a perfect solution for the British military experts to their problem, which is the killing of Muslims, especially given the fact that the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) has allowed their blood in order to save other Muslims from their rebellion.

 On one hand, it is the British Empire that needs to kill a certain category of Muslims regularly in order to maintain its power, and, on the other hand, Muslim puppet rulers have a religious right to kill Kharijites – those who rebel against them. So, the objective of the British Empire and the justified actions of Muslim puppet rulers converge perfectly on the existence of Kharijites, who are demonstrated as terrorist groups and extremists.


Let’s suppose that there are ten thousand Muslims in Saudi Arabia, or any other Muslim country, who are categorized by the British Empire as problematic, who could have the ability to pose a political threat in the future. In order to categorize them as problematic, a number of factors are taken into consideration, such as the level of IQ, academic performance, family and tribal history, and their religious commitment and piety, for example. According to the British Empire, those people should be killed or imprisoned, otherwise they could potentially pose a political threat, not to Muslims, but to the occupier, because they will be aware of the occupation, they will speak and preach the truth, and they could use the pen instead of guns, which makes them even more dangerous.

The real challenge of the British Empire is how to get rid of them in a way that it does not lead to a bigger problem, such as an awareness of Muslims that there is a British agenda to kill them, and this could further lead to political cohesion among all Muslims of the world. So, everything has to seem legitimate because such people are innocent; they are ordinary Muslims and law-abiding citizens.

The best way to achieve this goal is by bringing into the equation Kharijites. If such people end up or are stimulated to adopt some of the qualities of Kharijites, or the definition is stretched out, especially with the help of pseudo scholars, so those people fit into the group, then their killing is perfectly legal and morally justified. In this way, the British Empire achieves its goal, the Government of Saudi Arabia appears as a hero because it is killing the Kharijites, and above all, the British occupier is not the enemy, but the ally of Saudi Arabia in the war against terrorists and extremists.

This is exactly the situation of Muslims today. They are occupied and oppressed, yet the enemy hides, and often appears as a hero, while the enemy is the elephant in the room all the time, I mean, the British Empire with all its governments: the UK Government, the US Government, the Russian Government, the Chinese Government, the Indian Government, and so on and so forth.

Muslims are killed and murdered and expelled from their lands, yet governments – which are installed by the British Empire anyway, play the hero by killing even more Muslims in order to save Muslims.

Muslims are killed and murdered in their own land by the UK, the USA and the Canadian armies, yet they are thanked by Muslim rulers for the service they have done to Islam because they’ve killed ‘Kharijites’ – young children and women.

In addition, Muslim pseudo scholars deliver lectures by explaining to us how dangerous Kharijites are and that cooperating with the strongest armies on Earth in order to kill them is necessary and heroic. In fact, I watched a Saudi scholar on YouTube saying that killing Kharijites is the biggest form of Jihad. This is very ironic because one of the characteristics of Kharijites mentioned by the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is that they leave pagans alone and fight against Muslims. This is exactly what the Government of Saudi Arabia is doing: leaving the biggest enemy alone – the USA and the British Empire and killing innocent Muslims in the name of fighting against Kharijites.

The process of making Kharijites is in and of itself a political industry. The British Empire has invested heavily in it. A combination of propaganda, pseudo scholars and intellectuals, undercover spies and agents, with military, intelligence and financial  support provided for the cause, it has been possible to create a large seemingly wave of Kharijites, where willingly or unwillingly, many innocent Muslims have fallen into the trap.

Therefore, the Kharijites of our time, or the so-called Kharijites, are the making of the British Empire, not an independent political revolt of Muslims. Therefore, the claim of Saudi Arabia that it has a legitimate right to kill Muslims because the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) has allowed it, is superficial and unconvincing. By no means has the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) – the mercy for the world, allowed the killing of innocent children and women, demolishing cities and towns and villages in the name of fighting Kharijites, which in this time are merely a making of the British Empire.


If we are a little bit sincere and honest with ourselves, we will understand that Muslims have no capacity to organize any revolt without political help. The British Empire has installed a political system in Muslim countries which guarantees an absolute control over population. The network of spies and agents that the British Empire has built makes it impossible for any group of people to pose a military threat. In addition, modern weapons, hi-tech, massive surveillance, and everything related to the nature of a modern state and the political means of control leave no room for fertile soil for Kharijites to grow.

To put things into perspective, we are not in the medieval ages when a group of people who had swords and horses could challenge the state anytime. The weapons that the state possessed were the same as the weapons people had. Today, in order to pose a real threat, people need similar weapons to what the military has, such as jet fighters, bombs, tanks, and aircraft carriers, as well as other military equipment, including intelligence service.

If people have the ability to manufacture such military equipment and machines independently from the state, the same as the manufacturing of swords, in that case we would say that military revolts are a real problem for the state. Can anyone in the right mind think that Muslims have the ability to manufacture jet fighters or other hi-tech equipment? For this reason, we can say with certainty that Kharijites, those who the Prophet Muhammad has warned us against, are not a real threat today. There is no conditions available for them to grow. There is a huge difference between the ability of people to manufacture weapons and the military advancement of modern governments. There is no comparison whatsoever. It is the same as looking for weeds in the desert where there is no vegetation in the first place.

What I mentioned is not a secret. The US Government and the British Empire know it. They know that terrorism needs conditions to grow, or at least for the public to believe so. It needs an ideology. It needs sophisticated weapons, which ordinary people cannot make. However, they have found a solution to this problem. They have created different countries for different purposes. For example, if people like myself raise the question that how is it possible that those terrorists have weapons, their answer is ready: Iran, Taliban, Ghaddafi, UFOs, North Korea, Slobodan Milosevic, Putin, Bashar al-Assad, Fidel Castro, Haftar of Libya, Hizballah, Osama bin Landen, Abu Bakar Al-Baghdadi, and if still there is no way for terrorists to have enough weapons in the eyes of the public, always there is a full load of American weapons dropped to them by ‘mistake’.

This is exactly the reason why I started off with a long introduction explaining the concept of political power and the political landscape of the world today. There is no doubt that the world is ruled by the British Empire. There is one power and one world order. Of course, it is not in the interest of the British Empire to admit this publicly because it needs countries to appear independent. An independent Iran, for example, can “supply” terrorists with weapons, and this seems legitimate in the eyes of the public only if that country appears as independent. The existence of terrorists is vital for the British Empire. It needs terrorism in order to justify the killing of Muslims.


While the world is ruled by the British Empire, regardless of its modern political demonstrations, in order to maintain its control over the Muslim Ummah, which is divided into some sixty states, it needs to get rid of a certain category of Muslims regularly. All the Muslim men who could potentially pose a political threat in the future, they have to be eliminated. The problem is that the empire needs a criterion or a justification.

In my view, the British Empire has found in the description of Kharijites the best solution, especially considering the fact that the Prophet Muhammad has given Muslim rulers permission to fight against them. However, the challenging part is that the Muslims who should be eliminated, they have to either adopt certain qualities of Kharijites, or the definition has to be stretched out so it includes them. The main point is that the killing of Muslims should always appear as the killing of Kharijites or terrorists.

Kharijites have also contributed a lot to the good reputation of Muslim rulers, especially Saudi Arabia by making it look good. The war on terror has justified everything. Saudi Arabia has had no issue to invite five hundred thousand non-Muslim soldiers to settle in the Peninsula in order to fight Muslims. Saudi Arabia has no issue to consider the USA and the UK as friends and allies while they are the biggest enemies of Islam, only because they have a shared enemy: Kharijites – innocent Muslim children and women.

The saddest part is that everything is a theater and a political game to deceive Muslims, but it is even sadder when we see countries such as Saudi Arabia play the hero, while they know very well that everything is a theater. We all know that there is no Kharijites, nor can they exist in this time and age. We all know that terrorism has been manufactured by the US Government, for example. We all know that all Muslim rulers, including Ghaddafi and Saddam Hussain, and the rulers of Saudi Arabia have been and continue to be British and American puppets. We all know that Muslims don’t even have the capacity to form terrorist groups. We all know that Iran is a British military base.

Indeed, Kharijites are not a problem. Rather, the British Empire has a problem on how to justify the killing of Muslims. It does not want to appear as if it is killing innocent Muslims, scholars, and intellectuals. The British Empire also does not want to appear as if it controls Saudi Arabia, Iran and all other Muslim countries. A visible presence of the British Empire in the Muslim lands could lead to real awareness and cohesion of the latter. So, the making of Kharijites has given a solution to all these problems.

In addition, in order to suppress any Muslim voice who speaks the truth, the making of Kharijites has provided a solution as well. Whoever speaks or raises their voice, especially against the British occupation or the injustice that Muslims face on daily basis, the Kharijite card is pulled out and thrown to their face. “You have Kharijite ideas,” is a common rebuke of some Muslims against any Muslim who is merely trying to defend themselves and trying to survive.

The majority of Muslims in the world live under tyrannical governments, especially in the West; they face daily problems in order to practice their religion and protect their families; millions of others have been left homeless by the American, Canadian and British bombs; hundreds of thousands of Muslims have died in the Mediterranean Sea fleeing wars; yet, Saudi Arabia has the audacity to accuse Muslims for being Kharijites. Have they lost their mind? Why don’t they mind their own business? Don’t they understand that they are becoming the biggest supporters of the enemy against innocent Muslims by having given themselves the ‘right’ to decide who is a Kharijite and who’s not?!

I can speak from personal experience that Saudi Arabia, for example, contributes a great deal to the making of Kharijites, not the other way around. Its stance is completely bogus and hypocritical. It is simply helping the enemy to get rid of Muslims, not fighting the Kharijites. Saudi Arabia is actively involved in propaganda, espionage, provocation and backstabbing in order to make Muslims angry so they can seem as Kharijites. This is a shame. This shows that this country in reality is not against Kharijites, but a contributor to this phenomenon.  

The truth of the matter is that Kharijites are not a problem. If terrorists exist, that’s an American or British making. It is a game of theirs. It is a political investment of theirs. Muslims don’t even have the capacity to form terrorist organizations.

Our biggest problem is the British Empire and the US Government continue to rule the world with an iron fist and oppress Muslims. They continue to control Muslims. They kill Muslims. They control our affairs. They order the imprisonment of scholars. They control our universities. They have divided us and they are increasing this division.

My brotherly advice to Muslims is to be reasonable and to stop repeating the language of the enemy. Let’s all resort to the most beautiful weapon, that is, the pen, and confront our enemies by ideas before they kill us all. At the very least, let’s not be on the side of the enemy against Muslims. Let’s not compromise the core of our religion.

My intention is not to criticize Saudi Arabia, which, nevertheless, has made positive contributions to the Muslim Ummah. However, the situation is critical and Muslims are facing a real challenge. Clarification is good for all. At the same time, I have the utmost respect for Muslim scholars and intellectuals, including the respected scholars of Saudi Arabia.

Sabri Lushi

January 22, 2023

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