by Sabri Lushi

Palestine is one of the most vocal causes among Muslims, and it is a very well-recognized cause by non-Muslims, too. The Palestinian scarf or Keffiyeh has become a symbol of residence, as well as it has become a fashion. It is beautiful, no doubt. “Free Palestine” has become even a chant for many fans of soccer in the Middle East. Celebrities as well quite often become controversial by their stances on the Palestinian issue.

Is Palestine that important? Why is the media, in the West and in the Middle East, focused so much on Palestine? How come that, even though millions of Muslims and non-Muslims express their support for Palestine, still to no avail, still no solution? How is it possible that the more people chant “Free Palestine,” the more we see problems in Jerusalem? How is it possible that the same countries that are the closest allies of the US Government and the UK, which are the staunchest supporters of Israel, support Palestine? How is it possible that with regard to the Palestinian cause the friend of my enemy is not my enemy? How come that the Palestinian conflict defies the common sense? Is it a very complex and difficult conflict that cannot find a solution?

Among many others, these are valid and common questions that any Muslim or non-Muslim with a basic level of ability to think should ask. 

As it is routinely done in science, in order to understand problems, they should be simplified and stripped of unnecessary factors and data which interfere with our understanding. Therefore, the Palestinian cause should be understood in a broader political and historical perspective, especially for Muslims who are in essence trained by the Quran and the tradition of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) to see beyond the surface.

Thus, historically speaking, the world was divided into two camps or two antagonist powers at the beginning of the 20th century. On one camp was the western Europe led by the British Empire, and, on the other camp, was the Ottoman Empire, which represented the whole Muslim Ummah – the worldwide Muslim community. So, there were not three or more powers, but two and only two. Of course, the enemy will do everything possible to downplay this fact by propagating in history books a world with so many powers where the Ottoman Empire was merely a fraction. This is a good strategy, though.

For the first time in the history of the religion of Islam since the death of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), Muslims were defeated by a united Europe, led by the British Empire. A worldwide military confederation, in cooperation with many Arab spies and paid agents, brought down the Ottoman Empire. The British enemy had long planned and plotted to defeated Muslims.

Definitely, the winner would rule the world, and the winner was the British Empire, which continues to rule the entire world with an iron fist. The war against the Ottoman Empire was not simply a war against the religion of Islam and Muslims, to be clear. It was a war for natural resources. The discovery of oil and the strategic geographical position of the Muslim lands were more than enough to motivate the British Empire to embark on its lifetime mission to bring down the Muslim caliphate.

The British were more successful. Their divide and conquer strategy worked. Their deception and lies were not exposed soon enough to ruin their plan. They promised the Arab spies and agents an empire of their own if they rebel and engage in terrorist attacks against the Ottoman Empire. The Arab spies and agents did exactly that except that the British turned out to be liars and deceivers, as usual.

WWI was a war of two camps, not three or four. It was a war of the British Empire and its European puppet states against the Ottoman Empire – the last Muslim caliphate and the supreme authority of the Muslim Ummah. In short, the British won. The Ottoman Empire was brought down officially in 1924. It was probably the saddest day of Muslims after the death of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

So, any political analysis and historical narrative remains deficient as long as it does not note this political panorama of the beginning of the 20th century. Unfortunately, the role of history books, political propaganda and documentaries is to make it difficult for the oppressed ones, in this case, Muslims, to realize the real political situation. This idea of creating a fake reality in order to cover up the true one seems to be a very common strategy of the British Empire. We learn in school about Great Powers, such as the British Empire, France, Russia, Austro-Hungary, Germany, Italy, and the USA, as if the whole world was focused on Europe, as if the biggest conflict was among such powers, so it gives the impression that the Ottoman Empire wasn’t even on the list, while in reality WWI had one single objective: to bring down the Muslim caliphate and colonize the Muslim lands and control their natural resources, and exactly that happened.

On the other hand, even though the Ottoman Empire was brought down as a result of WWI, this did not mean the end of Muslims and their power. Not at all. The Muslim caliphate was brought down not as a natural end of a degraded nation. It did not collapse because of bankruptcy. It did not end because there was no need for it. The caliphate was defeated, but the Muslim Ummah was a power to be reckoned with. There were scholars, scientists, warriors, and a large contingent of brave Muslim men and women who did not surrender to the British rule, which did not succeed to win its position by open military confrontation more than by tricks, deception and divide-and-conquer strategies.

In fact, the only strategy to keep Muslims under control was to divide them into some sixty states and rule them by puppet rulers. All the Muslim countries that are today members of the United Nations are formed by the British Empire. Every single ruler of such countries is a British agent, either trained directly in the British and American military schools, or secret spies. Many Muslims are well aware of this fact. We Muslims don’t confuse the British propaganda with the reality, so we know very well that independent country does not really mean independent; it means simply an administrative unit ruled by a British spy or agent. It does not require much intellectual effort to figure this out.

We Muslims know that our rulers are British spies and agents. We Muslims know that our borders have been drawn by the British experts in order to divide us in their best interest, not ours. We Muslims know that our natural resources are controlled by the British Empire and the US Government. We Muslims know that Muslim countries’ military is strictly controlled by the British Empire and the US Government. We Muslims know that our universities and academia are controlled by the British Empire and the US Government.

Not only us, but the British Empire is well aware of this fact, that we are aware of. The British political experts know that the Muslim Ummah is not going to accept very easy the British rule. Therefore, Muslims should be kept as much divided as possible, they should be killed as many as possible, their scholars should be imprisoned as many as possible, and they should be distracted as much as possible.

Yes, Muslims should be distracted. The biggest distraction of Muslims after the fall of the Ottoman Empire is the Palestinian conflict, which is a real conflict, no doubt, but it is totally an artificial conflict invented by the British Empire, again, strategically to distract Muslims and to prevent them from seeing the big picture. That’s why very often those who propagate the Palestinian issue are not genuine people who have a genuine interest to solve the issue, but they are paid British agents and CIA spies.

The truth of the matter is that our whole Ummah is under occupation, not only Palestine, as it is suggested. The enemy of Muslims is not simply Israel, which is an American and British military base, not an independent country, but our enemy is the British Empire and the US Government. It is not the US and British military base of Israel which makes plans and plots against Muslims, but it is the British Empire and the US Government which rule Muslims through puppet and agent rulers, through deception and propaganda, and through a total intellectual control.

Those who propagate the Palestinian conflict, who many of them are British and American spies and agents, don’t grasp the reality and they want to prevent others from understanding the political reality of Muslims.

No one denies the fact that Palestinians are suffering, are being killed, and living under oppressed, but that’s just a piece of the puzzle. Over the last century, since the end of the Muslim caliphate in 1924, Muslims have been suffering everywhere. Muslims have been killed and oppressed systematically in the Balkans, not only in Palestine. Muslims of Albania were banned to practice their religion for three decades. Muslims in Greece were killed and expelled from the country. Muslims were killed and massacred in Bosnia. Muslims were killed in Kosovo. Probably, Muslims of the Balkans have suffered the most in 1910s and 1920s, but no one knows about them. They were the target of the British Empire’s and the western Europe, which planned to wipe out Islam from Europe, as they did before in Spain.

Muslims have been killed and their lives have been destroyed in Iraq in 1920s and in 2000s. When Saudi Arabia cooperated with the NATO against Muslims of Iraq, where were those who chant “Free Palestine” at that time?

Muslims were killed and betrayed in Syria, which turned out to be a global plot against Muslim men. Syria turned to be a butchery. Muslims men in the West and in the Middle East were deceived, and publicly promised to be helped, by the US Government, the UK Government, Saudi Arabian Government, French Government, the Albanian Government, the Kosovo Government, the Turkish Government and many others in order to participate in that deceptive and treacherous conflict. They were promised, but instead they were executed and slaughtered. Many Muslim men were probably killed by the secret service of such countries and declared as gone to Syria.

The Syrian conflict could be the largest extra-judicial execution of Muslims in history. Why don’t we see people speak of this betrayal? Why don’t they point out the betrayal of Saudi Arabia and Turkey? Indeed, they cannot speak about the truth, but instead, keep Muslims engaged with an artificial conflict called “Palestinian conflict,” which is funded by the US and the UK Governments and their Arabia spies and backstabbers, such as Saudi Arabia.

The Palestinian conflict is real. I don’t deny it, but many of those who chant “Free Palestine” don’t want a solution. Many of them are fake. Many of them are paid spies and agents.

The Palestinian conflict is not a conflict about nationalism and over some lines drawn on the map by the British Empire. It is not a conflict between Jews, who are a tiny minority in the world, and two billion Muslims. The Palestinian conflict is part of a larger conflict: of the occupation of the Muslim Ummah. Muslims are being killed, oppressed, imprisoned, and their lived are being ruined everywhere. It is not only the Muslims in Palestine who don’t have a state, but everywhere. Muslims in the Balkans don’t have a state. Muslims in Russia don’t have a state. Muslims in the West don’t have a state. Muslims in Africa live under miserable conditions. Muslims in Asia live under oppression and killings. Muslims in China don’t have a state.

So, making the Palestinian conflict so vocal and the headline of our every day news is not fair. While some Muslims could be allowed by the US Government and the British Empire live a better life, such as in Saudi Arabia and other gulf countries, as a strategy of divide-and-conquer and as reward for their betrayal, for the most part Muslims are oppressed everywhere.

The biggest favor the Palestinians could do to the Muslim Ummah is by not treating their conflict as the biggest or the only one. Also, they should not treat their conflict as a nationalist struggle.

The solution to the Palestinian conflict has been suggested by one of the most renowned Muslim scholars, Muhammad al-Albani, whose family escaped persecution from Shkodra, Albania, in 1928, a similar conflict with the Palestinian one. Al-Albani has suggested that all Palestinians should abandon their country and escape persecution and oppression as they are not capable of fighting the enemy. Al-Albani was a scholar, a muhadith and well acquainted with history of Islam. He was not a pragmatist politician.

The reality has proven that he was right. Palestinians cannot fight against their enemy with rocks and sticks while their enemy possesses the most sophisticated weapons. They cannot fight against their enemy with American and British money while the US and the UK Governments finance their enemy. The common sense does not accept this. The Quran does not accept this.

The Quran give a clear solution to the Palestinian conflict and to any other conflict. The solution cannot come from spies and agents, and for sure it will never come from the UN and other fake international institutions founded by the British Empire. Allah has given clear instructions on how to deal with problems, be it the Palestinian one or others.

Allah has instructed us to learn and prepare strategies: “Indeed, the worst of all beings in the sight of Allah are the ˹wilfully˺ deaf and dumb, who do not understand” (8:22)

Allah has given the instruction on how to win over the enemies, by standing firm and remembering Him, by applying in our lives Allah’s knowledge revealed to us, not by playing soccer and presenting it to the masses as a type of war, and not by chanting “Free Palestine,” by turning the whole matter into a nationalistic propaganda. “O believers! When you face an enemy, stand firm and remember Allah often so you may triumph.” (8:45)

Allah has given clear instructions on how to deal with military conflicts, by real preparation, not by stones and spies and agents. “Prepare against them what you ˹believers˺ can of ˹military˺ power and cavalry to deter Allah’s enemies and your enemies as well as other enemies unknown to you but known to Allah. Whatever you spend in the cause of Allah will be paid to you in full and you will not be wronged.” (8:60)

When Al-Albani advised Palestinians to leave their land and immigrate, he knew exactly what he was talking about. The fact that Muslim countries refuse to give citizenship to Palestinian citizens confirms exactly this idea that that conflict is meant to be continued as a distraction. Neither the British and US Governments, nor their Arab spies and agents are inclined to solve that conflict.

As Al-Albani has suggested, Palestinians should leave their country and prepare to liberate their land as part of a larger conflict: occupied Muslim Ummah against the British Empire. Today Muslims should not fight with stones and sticks, as they have no military, but by pen. We don’t have weapons. Muslims are split and divided, and infiltrated by spies and agents. The only battle that Muslims can fight in Palestine and elsewhere is the intellectual battle publicly, not secretly.

To conclude, the Palestinian conflict is a conflict created by the British Empire as a strategy of distraction. While Muslims are occupied everywhere, yet the need for liberation is still alive among themselves, the British Empire has addressed this need by propaganda and military strategies; hence, the Palestinian conflict. The British Empire and the British Government wants us to believe that only in Palestine Muslims are oppressed and occupied.

Muslims should not be distracted. The Palestinians should move away from nationalist propaganda and return to intellectual activism. They are not the only one oppressed, but we all together with intellectualism and the right mindset can lay the foundation for a guaranteed future success as a whole Ummah. 

Sabri Lushi

Independent Writer

December 03, 2022

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