by Sabri Lushi

I am sure that many of us have encountered cases when the British-founded Secularist governments use a person – a friend, coworker, an employer, a relative, or even a family member, to attack us, and when that person is identified as a governmental undercover agent, the government will use some other agents – again from the same categories, to convince us that it is not the government behind the attack, so “you’d better deal with the person, not with the government.”

Being a Muslim and living under Secularist governments, personally I’ve encountered many of such cases in my life. So, it is typical for the British-founded Secularist governments to use others as proxy to attack you while they will never take any responsibility.

Likewise, the British Empire, the British Monarchy and the Clown Republic of the USA apply the same strategy. As we all saw what took place in Al-Aqsa Mosque, British mercenaries, under orders directly from London, attacked Muslims while they were praying.

There is no doubt that the British Monarchy uses Jewish – or God knows what they are, mercenaries in order to distract Muslims from focusing on the real occupier. Whereas the British Monarchy controls all Muslim countries, their governments, natural resources, the military, the educational system, the judiciary, and the economy, the British Empire wants Muslims to focus on the Jewish mercenaries – to hate them, to kill them, to react against them, so we can avoid to identify the real enemy: the British Empire and the US Government.

It has become a rule already that whenever the British Empire, the British Monarchy and the US Government are identified as the occupiers of Muslims, whenever we Muslims aspire legitimately to have independence, whenever we demand from Muslim countries, such as Türkiye, to expel the American military base, to shut down the CIA schools and the training centers, to leave NATO, whenever we Muslims demand to have the right to our natural resources, such as the case of Albania where its energy is stolen, whenever we Muslims raise the voice for justice and demand from our governments to arrest corrupt and immoral judges, whenever we point the finger at the British-founded and British controlled governments, always we witness problems in Al-Aqsa Mosque or attacks on innocent people in Palestine.

In my view, this is done for one reason: to distract Muslims from identifying the real enemy and from demanding justice. This also shows that we Muslims we’ll continue to suffer as long as we live under the British rule. This shows that we Muslims don’t have a country to protect us. As we’ve seen over and over again, there is no Muslim leader who protests against such attacks. We haven’t seen any Muslim leader expel the US or the UK Ambassador, for example.

Muslims should not confuse mercenaries with the real enemy, and those who receive orders with those who give orders. Muslims should be wise.

Sabri Lushi

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