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The reason why the Canadian Government lies to its citizens

by Sabri Lushi

The reason why the Canadian Government lies to its citizens and deceives them when it says that the judiciary – judges, prosecutors, police officers, lawyers and other judicial staff, is independent is to cover up the responsibility; this slogan doesn’t intend by no means to guarantee fairness and justice. If Government of Canada is really interested in delivering judicial fairness and true justice, it would not resort to lies, propaganda and deception. It would convince us with transparency and legal mechanisms.

Where are the legal mechanisms which guarantee us justice? We don’t need slogans and propaganda.

The Canadian Government is afraid of transparency and reasonable questions exactly because the Canadian judiciary is corrupt and under control of the monarch and it’s merely a political tool of the monarchy to oppress whoever they wish.

The Canadian judges, prosecutors, lawyers, and police officers are legally required to work as spies and agents of the government. Their primary job is to protect the monarchy and the state, not the Canadian citizens. They are officers of the state. That’s why the Canadian Government insists on maintaining a good and deceiving reputation for judges and prosecutors – because of their political and dishonest job.

If the Canadian judges are good, transparent, don’t act on political orders, don’t give court orders for political reasons, why do they need all this propaganda and deception to convince us that they are independent.

The Government is so immoral that always says: independent. It doesn’t clarify whether they are good or bad, transparent or not.

The truth of the matter is that Canada has an immoral and corrupt legal system, where judges are spies and agents of the government, who lack integrity and morality. They are dangerous.

Any attempt to hold them accountable it’s called legal interference while judges themselves are agents of politics to begin with, this is what makes them even more dangerous. Everything that is problematic is sold to us by the Canadian Government as good, and everything that we consider it necessary to hold accountable these immoral people is considered judicial interference. Therefore, the Canadian judicial system is much, much more corrupt and deceiving than many of us would have ever imagined.

Sabri Lushi

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