by Sabri Lushi

The country that once was the symbol of Islam, which promoted the worship of God alone, which has indeed helped the religion of Islam and Muslims, the country whose king is considered the custodian of the Two Holy Mosques – Mecca and Medinah, the country of scholars and wise people, the country of noble and generous Muslims, yet the same country is falling and being demolished in front of our eyes. It is a sad day for all Muslims around the world. The Arabian Peninsula has a special status in the religion of Islam. In that very land, our beloved Prophet was born and where the monotheistic religion of Islam grew and its light spread to the world.

In the country of the strict monotheism – worshipping the Creator alone, people are celebrating pagan and demonic holidays. It is not simply a shame. It is not simply a foolishness. These are the symptoms of a cultural and educational failure. Without a serious failure in the educational and the political system, the society would have not reached this critical point – the shame of the world.

The disease and the problems have been there for a long time. These are the symptoms of that political disease that has been brewing for a long time.

In my view, such images show that countries such as Saudi Arabia are not independent – something which I’ve been mentioning over and over again. It is a country that lacks identity and confidence. It is a country whose policies are imposed by the West. It is a country that has been acting as independent only in appearance. It is a country that is controlled to the smallest details by the West. Even this shame and this cultural failure have been well prepared by the West.

Many things that Saudi Arabia has done, including religious aspects, might have been advised by the western agents who knew very well the effects. Even the idea of uniformity and moral policing on people was something problematic, and most probably it was imposed by the West, knowing very well that this is the best way of making people hate their own religion.

The appearance of paganism and demonic rituals in Saudi Arabia should make every Muslim around the world think of what’s going on, think of the enemies of Islam, think of the fact what made Saudi Arabia plunge into this abyss. For sure, something has gone wrong. The situation is very dangerous, and all Muslims should show real concern.

There are many people on social media blaming the crown prince for this fatality. He might be a weak person. Definitely, the US Government and the British Empire have not chosen him because he is a strong person; on the contrary, they’ve chosen him because they might have seen weakness in him. Nevertheless, the problem is much deeper and more serious, and it has started before the crown prince was born.

To conclude, what we’re seeing in Saudi Arabia is a clear example of cultural and educational failure, and lack of political independence.

Sabri Lushi

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