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In response to the UK home secretary’s reaction

by Sabri Lushi

In response to the UK home secretary’s reaction about Albanian asylum seekers, the Prime Minister of Albania tweeted by saying that, “Albania was for a very long time a victim of empires; we never had our one.” Whether he was referring to the British occupation or the Ottoman Empire, his tweet was ambiguous.

Normally I wouldn’t waste my time commenting on viceroys of the British Empire, but given his political position – the head of the Government of the Republic of Albania, I believe it is necessary to clarify for the public his disgraceful disinformation.

First, Albanians had an empire. They were part of the Ottoman Empire, which not only was one of the most important empires of the history of humanity, but it embodied and represented the values of the religion of Islam.

Indeed, it was a blessing from God to have had the chance to have been part of that great empire. Tens of Albanians served as grand viziers while thousands of them held high political, educational and military positions. In certain times, Albanian noble families even held de facto the leadership of the Empire due to the young age that the Ottoman Sultan was. In fact, the period when the Köprülü family ruled the Ottoman Empire is known as the Köprülü era.

During the Ottoman Empire, Albanians were distinguished for their bravery and trustworthiness. Not only were not the Albanians people victims, but actually they defended the Empire from European barbarians for centuries.

In addition, renowned leaders and fierce warriors such as Muhammad Ali defeated both the British army and the army of Napoleon Bonaparte in Egypt at the beginning of the 19th century, by disciplining those barbarians and turning them back to where they came from. Then Muhammad Ali became the leader of Egypt and the founder of his dynasty, which ruled for a century and a half. He had the honor to lead very important and civilized people.

There is no doubt that the British Empire hated Muhammad Ali the most because of the humiliation that this man had inflicted upon them. To this very day, the British Empire has a hatred for the Albanian people.

Therefore, it is not quite a coincidence that the UK home secretary speaks so negatively against Albanians. There is a clear hatred against Albanians because of their Ottoman past and because of what Muhammad Ali did to those barbarians.

The corrupt Prime Minister of Albania probably does not consider himself as an Albanian, that’s why he refuses to mention the fact that we had an empire.

Nevertheless, I strongly believe that Albanian people even today have the capacity and the capability to give rise to big political changes, maybe to the whole European continent. The oppression that we have faced over the last century by the British Empire, since the occupation of 1912, could serve as an impetus for big changes.

The Albanian people should not forget that we have a rich country, rich in natural resources and rich in hydropower.

Sabri Lushi

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