by Sabri Lushi

There is no doubt that Abdul Hamid II was de facto the last Muslim caliph to exercise true political power. After his deposition in 1909, the Ottoman Empire was living its last days. WWI brought together all the European powers under the leadership of the British Empire even though they appeared as divided into two camps. They had one purpose: to bring down the Ottoman Empire, and they did. They attacked the last political stronghold of Islam from every corner.

On the other hand, Egypt and Sudan continued to be ruled by the Albanian dynasty of Muhammad Ali Pasha; however, they were occupied by the British Empire. The fall of the Ottoman Empire weakened Egypt and Sudan even more.

As if the occupation of Egypt by the British barbarians was not bad enough, in 1952, they forced King Farouk I into exile while the country was on the verge of a massive bloodshed at the hands of the British spies and agent, who organized the coup d’état.

Led by the British and CIA spy, namely, Gamal Abdel Nasser, the Revolutionary Command Council requested from King Farouk to abdicate in favor of his infant son, Ahmed Fuad, and leave the country immediately.

On July 26, 1952, he singed the following:

“We the undersigned Farouk the First, King of Egypt and Sudan, whereas we seek for our nation good and hope for its happiness and prosperity, whereas we truly want to avoid the country the difficulties that it confronts in these crucial moments, and whereas complying with the will of the people, we decide to abdicate the throne for our heir Prince Ahmed Fuad. We established an order concerning this decision to his Excellency Ali Mahir Pasha the Prime Minister to implement it. Given in Ras Al Tin Palace on the 04 Dhu al Qadah 1371 corresponding to the 26th of July 1952.”

It is very common in Albania to hear communists and British spies saying that, “Once Albanians take a political post, they never resign.” It is part of human nature to never resign from power, but if done so, that’s a sign of wisdom and compassion. King Farouk I of Egypt proved that Albanians resign from power for a greater good, different from the European barbarians.

King Farouk I was forced to leave the country, but promised by the British and American occupiers that his son will replace him. In less than a year, the British Empire declared Egypt a republic on June 18, 1953. This marked the end of the dynasty of Muhammad Ali Pasha, who did a great service to Egypt and Sudan.

King Farouk I was betrayed and backstabbed by the British and American occupiers, and eventually poisoned in Rome by CIA spies. They made a promise and they broke it. That’s their nature. That’s the nature of the British Monarchy: backstabbing, lies, betrayal, and deception. The British and American barbarians can never be trusted on anything. They are liars and backstabbers and immoral.

Sabri lushi

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