by Sabri Lushi

There is no doubt that one of the major criteria for determining if a civilization is successful or not, whether a political system is good or not, whether a religion or set of beliefs is suitable for human society or not, is how that civilization or political system or religion deals with sex and how they regulate it.

Typically, oppressive political systems, such as the British Secularism, consider sex as a useful political means for controlling people. Secularism does not consider sex as a biological and natural need of people that should be regulated as well as facilitated in accordance with human nature.

On the contrary, Secularism – as one of the most oppressive political systems of human history, considers sex a great political opportunity for controlling humans because that’s its main goal: control and only control.

For this reason, Secularism has dealt extensively with sex, and it continues to exploit this physiological demand of humans in accordance with the political needs of the Secularist governments, which are appointed by the British Empire.

Naturally, sex is an irresistible need, and it can be even more irresistible if stimulated by drugs, food, and images. It is the means of procreation, so lineage, honor, shame, crime, punishment, and reputation, all are related to sex. Therefore, if not regulated, or worse, exploited by politics, it gives a great combination for political control, degradation of human civilization, and a recipe for destruction of a society or civilization. In short, sex under Secularism means control.

In my view, no political system or dictatorship of the past has used sex for political control more than the British Secularism and its corrupt governments around the world, including the CIA. On one hand, this immoral and oppressive political system has liberalized sex, promoted gender mingling, encouraged nudity and promiscuity while, one the other hand, it has criminalized marital sex, gender segregation, and dressing codes which encourage modesty and covering of a woman’s body.

For the British Secularism, laws related to sex are not meant to make the lives of people easier and let human society flourish. It is meant exactly the opposite: political control, degradation of human society, increase of the number of children out of wedlock, and massive enslavement.

For terrorist organizations such as the CIA, sex is its main mechanism of operation. Sex is an operational lubricant for the CIA. Whenever you see sex, especially in offices, you’re seeing a CIA spy working as a frontliner. That’s the true image of the CIA – this terrorist organization and the highest political manifestation of Secularism. Albanians need to know this fact.

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