by Sabri Lushi

I was watching a video of a British intellectual who was furiously denying the existence of God saying, “how dare you tell me that there is a God, how dare you, with all this injustice in the world?” I paid extra attention on the point he was trying to make because this man’s argument was not only inconsistent, but it was a clear deception.

If we look carefully into his words, we will notice that he actually is not denying God at all. This is not the point he was trying to make even though it might seem that he is proving to the believers that there is no God. Slyly, he was trying to convince the audience that actually God is responsible for all the injustice in the world.

In my view, Secularism has combined rationalism and pragmatism in a very strange way. For example, a Secularist policy maker does not ignore the reality. If there is injustice in the world, injustice in the most natural sense of the word, he or she will not argue that it does not exist; rather, they will try to blame someone else for it.

That’s exactly what this man did. He admits that there is great injustice. By appearing as if he’s denying God based on this fact, he is, cunningly and foolishly at the same time, blaming God for this injustice. In other words, he is telling people – who all of them deep in their hearts believe in the existence of a deity, that there is injustice, but let’s blame God for it, that He is not able to alleviate it.

In fact, the response to this propagandist of Secularism is very easy. The world today is ruled by and large by man made laws; it is not ruled by the laws of God. Even Saudi Arabia, which is considered the country that applies the Islamic laws the most, rules to a certain extent by the British Secularist laws. So, the world today is dominated by the laws of the British Empire. Our parliaments pass laws which they make, judges pass judgments based on such laws, and the great majority of people live their lives according to Secularist laws and norms.

Therefore, blaming God for all this injustice when we don’t rule according to His laws is immoral. All the governments around the world do not adhere to God’s laws, but to the laws of the British Empire.

I totally agree with this man, that there is great injustice today in the world, but God is not responsible for it; it is the British Empire and its Secularist governments solely responsible for it.

According to the Qur’an, God has given free will, power, brain, and rational abilities to people, so it is not He Who commits injustice, but people and their laws. The world today is ruled by British Secularist laws, not by the laws of God, so the Secularist politicians should have the audacity to take responsibility for all the mess they’ve created and all the injustice they’ve committed.

This British propagandist should blame his government for the injustice, not God.

Sabri Lushi

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