by Sabri Lushi

Have you ever heard of any American, any US president, US State secretary, a US judge, or any other US official take responsibility for anything? Have you ever heard of any American show maturity and human dignity and responsibility? Have you ever heard of any American politician being held accountable for crimes and corruption, for genocide and destruction, for theft of natural resources and murder of innocent people?

I, for one, am not aware of any American politician or any case when the US Government has taken responsibility for any of its crimes and immorality.

Well, the Republic of the USA was designed that way; it was designed as a political entity of the British Empire to be the perfect lap dog of the British Monarch, but not to take responsibility for anything. It is one of the most disgraceful and evil forms of government that can exist. It is a murdering machine that is destroying humanity, yet no one can be able who to hold accountable and who to blame.

Whenever we blame the US Government and the CIA for crimes, for overthrowing legitimate governments around the world, for sponsoring terrorist groups, for oppressing free speech, for standing behind protests and chaos in other countries, for supplying with weapons terrorist organizations and training them, for carrying out false flag attacks, for censoring free speech and sponsoring immoral propaganda around the world, the US Government – the lap dog of the British Monarchy, has prepared an answer for us:

It is France. Sorry, it is Russia. No, it might be the terrorist Republic of Iran. Aha, it is the North Korea. No, no, no, it is China, Germany, Finland, Brazil, Venezuela, Saddam Hussain, Ghaddafi, Serbia, Saudi Arabia, Al Shabab, Boko Haram, Taliban, ISIS, Al Qaida, Muslim Brotherhood, White Supremacists, Zionists, UFOs, secret societies, Jews, bankers, the owners, CEOs, the rich, they, those, them, he, she, the Irish terrorist organization, Nazi, the liberals, the conservatives. Yes, everyone is to be blamed except the British Monarchy, the UK Government, the Canadian Government and the most terrorist organization of human history: the US Government – the lap dog of the British Monarchy. We can’t blame these.

Truly, I don’t believe that in the whole human history there has ever been a more immoral and irresponsible political entity than the US Government, this beast and monster. It has no dignity, no morality, no pride in its identity. It is a spy entity and it subscribes to no sound and moral ideology.

For this reason, America is not the free world, but it the new world of shame. It’s the world of immoral politics and lack of responsibility. It’s the world that lacks dignity. It is the political entity that has deceived the whole world.

Therefore, the definition of America is: a country of shamefulness, which lacks political identity and responsibility. It is a clown state and a lap dog of the British Monarchy.

Sabri Lushi

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