by Sabri Lushi

As humans, we make decisions all the time. This is the nature of this life. Our future is but the product of our decisions, and we harvest what we plant. Therefore, the more we know how to make decisions and plans for our lives, the better the outcome will be. “Living is no laughing matter,” as the quote goes.

Decisions could very from those which have to do with our daily life to the most important ones that affect our entire life. Unfortunately, most of the people either are victims of decisions that have been made by other people on their behalf, such as parents, or they don’t make life time decisions. They have no long term plans. They follow the herd. They follow the trend.

A life without plans and without mindful and rigorous decisions is destined to be a failed one. Life is like a military battle – any mistake could lead to a fatal defeat. Our enemy will use any opportunity or could exploit any mistake or miscalculation of ours against us. From the time we are born until we die, we are surrounded by enemies. Life does not tolerate mistakes. Life is not merciful with us, for natural resources are limited while our needs and greed are virtually unlimited.

Decisions need to be made carefully. We need to bring into the equation all the factors that we think are relevant and might change the outcome. We need to consult people, but in the end the decision should be based on the personal conclusion. We need to do research. We need to know the society where we live and who are the enemies before making an important decision.

Speaking of important decisions, I would include in this category anything that has lifetime effects on us, such as university degrees, professions, career, marriage, investment, immigration, buying property, quitting a job etc. In order to increase the chances of success, such decisions require knowledge and wisdom.

Based on my personal experience and what I’ve observed carefully how people make decisions, there are two major factors that most of us are oblivious of when we make important decisions, especially in communist societies.

First, most of the people assume that they are able to make good decisions while secularist governments aim to instruct people to do just the opposite. A society whose members are not able to make good and independent decisions is much easier to be controlled.

Second, people fail to bring into the equation the fact that the government is actually an enemy of ours. This does not mean that we have to rebel or fight against it, or incite people to rebel against it. No! This means that secular governments don’t represent us. They act as foreign occupiers, and in reality, they are so. They represent the British Monarchy. So, when we make an important decision, we have to take into consideration the government factor. The more we avoid an interaction with the government or reliance on it, the better for us. The government is our enemy.

Sabri Lushi

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