by Sabri Lushi

As we all know, the beginning of the 20th century marked the end of the Muslim caliphate. March 3, 1924, was one of the saddest days for Muslims – the people who brought down the Roman and Persian Empire, who spread the light of Islam from the farthest west to the farthest east, who gave rise to the biggest civilization the world has ever seen and who laid the foundation for a scientific development which no one would have ever imagined.

The British Empire made history by bringing down the Ottoman Empire. The defeat of the Muslim caliphate, the political subjugation of the Muslim Ummah and their split into many nations and states was just the beginning of a great war against Islam.

The war of the British Empire against Muslims did not consist of one major battle, for defeating them takes a long process, which requires the annihilation of Islam itself. Consequently, the extinguishing of Islam involves two major fronts: first, a permanent war on scholars and students of knowledge, and second, the eradication of the sources and even an attempt to change the texts.

So, the war of the British Empire against Islam has been a life mission for the British Monarchy. In some places, Islam was banned for decades altogether, such as Albania, where scholars were either executed, forced into exile, or imprisoned.

For each Muslim country, which was formed by the British Empire, there was a specific strategy. The enemy did not fight Muslim scholars in all countries at the same time in order to avoid a worldwide cohesion of the Ummah.

Apart from the oppression of scholars, the British Empire had to deal also with new generations of Muslims, especially in countries where Islam was almost wiped out, such as Albania or other communist countries. The British focus was on the prevention of an Islamic revival.

In this regard, the British Empire and its worldwide appointed governments have resorted to different strategies to oppress the new generations of Muslims. One of such typical strategies is by using parents against their children. I know first hand many, many cases when parents pose the biggest threat to children who want to learn and practice Islam.

Often the youth who show interest in Islam and its teachings, or those young people who convert to this religion, face serious problems with their parents, who openly seek to force them to abandon their faith. What makes the situation even more serious is that such parents do not act simply on their own; rather, they cooperate secretly with the government. Many parents are used and supported by governments in order to prevent their children from practicing Islam. It is very important to let the new generation be aware of this fact, that they are dealing with a governmentally organized war against them. They are not dealing merely with angry parents, but with a governmental war against Islam.

Sabri Lushi

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