by Sabri Lushi

If we look carefully at the political ideology of communism, we will notice that it revolves around a few political principles and aims at achieving certain objectives.

Communism gives most of the political power to the government while other social institutions, such as tribe and family have to be stripped off political power.

Communism generally speaking is closely related to the form of state called republic, where the power belongs to abstract institutions, such as the people, the courts, the president etc. So, it emphasizes the abstract institutions as opposed to concrete individuals, as it is the case of traditional forms if power. That’s why in a communist regime, people struggle to identify those responsible for political crimes and corruption.

Thus, communism is republic and republic is communism.

Communism separated the politics from religion, particularly the belief in God; therefore, a communist republic doesn’t have to restrict its legislative power and it doesn’t have to follow any moral standards. Whatever the party or the government considers good and moral, that’s what is good and moral for the people. In other words, a communist republic plays exactly the role of God in society. Im fact, there are cases when communist leaders declare themselves as gods.

In a typical communist state, there are political parties, massive political propaganda, political elections, elected representatives, very powerful court system, judges enjoy unlimited power, as long as one is acting in the name of state and law, they have no moral responsibility.

A communist republic is in favor of atheism while God is mocked publicly. Their motto is: keep your religion and your belief in God at home.

Therefore, based on this definition of communism, which is easily verifiable, the first communist state was founded on July 4, 1776, in North America, known officially as the Republic of the United States of America, which was a British political invention. Soon after, that model was replicated in France where King Louis XVI was executed and the French Republic was formed by the British military.

Then communism spread through Europe, Russia, and after WWII, it encompassed Asia where China became the biggest communist regime, which cemented the power of the British Empire worldwide.

The US Republic continues to be the beacon of this corrupt political model, which was invented by the evil British Empire.

Notice: we shouldn’t get confused by the term democracy. It’s just a synonymous to communism, used frequently to confuse people and give the impression that the global politics is diverse.

In short, communism is a British political mechanism which is used by the British Monarchy to rule the world and wipe Islam out.

Sabri Lushi

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