by Sabri Lushi

One of the most controversial topics that has preoccupied the American political debate, and often amused the world with its absurdity, is the debate about the right to keep and bear arms, which is The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution. After every mass shooting, the public becomes active: whether the government should restrict this right or not.

While the American public and the American political landscape are divided into two sides, those in favor of guns and those who support a change of the Second Amendment, there is a general agreement among all Americans, though, that talking about guns is important. The American public thinks that their safety, prosperity, and security is closely related to guns or the lack thereof.

The political debate is focused on guns. The Americans have not managed to get out of the fight-flight psychological condition. They’re thinking all the time how to defend themselves. Half of the population thinks that they can defend themselves by restricting the right to guns while others think that they can defend themselves exactly by keeping guns; both sides are focused on guns whereas the politicians watch the comedy from their lavish offices.

The truth of the matter is that under a modern state little do people need guns to defend themselves. We are not organized anymore in tribes and families. We are just individuals while the government is super powerful. We are governed by a large body of laws and the courts of law have unlimited power. The police service is highly professional and with unlimited resources. Being individuals, citizens are much less harmful than before. Technically, no one has the audacity to harm others unless they have the support of the government itself.

Making such a big fuss about guns is not only absurd, but this shows how deceiving and immoral American politics is. The American politicians know exactly what they are doing. A population that remains at fight-flight psychological condition is much easier to be ruled than a population that use their brains and think.

Dear American, you are not threatened by thugs and criminals and mass shooters, unless they are acting undercover in the name of the government. However, your future, your prosperity, your well-being and your families are threatened by your irresponsible politicians, by your government, by your courts of law, by your corrupt judges and by your intelligence service; therefore, you cannot defend yourselves from them, i.e., the government, by using guns, but by using your brains.

Your government is misleading you by giving the impression that guns will protect you. Both sides indirectly tell you the same. They want you to focus on guns and not to use your brain, not to use free speech, not to address problems intellectually.

Dear American, use your brain and use a pen instead of guns! The enemy is your government, not the American people.

Sabri Lushi

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